I do not own any of the associated stores and restaurants afore mentioned. Please don't sue; I look for money to buy gum under my sofa.

I haven't written in ages, I've been way too depressed to even bother. Work is hell since Kit was fired; in fact I think I lost my will to live. God, listen to me babble about my problems, Kit isn't the only thing that's gone to shit since the last time I wrote. They fired Teddy too, because apparently he was an asshole. I knew he was an asshole, in fact everyone knew he was an asshole, but he was my kind of asshole. If that wasn't bad enough take one guess as to who they hired to take Teddy's place… That's right the queen of mean, Kate Wilson herself, she's unstoppable now. No one will ever be able to put her in her place again. We are all doomed, with her in charge I'm just waiting to get fired; I don't make my dislike of her private, everyone knows. Wait a minute, your probably wondering why I am waiting to be fired instead of quitting if everything's gone to hell. Well it could possibly have to do with the fact that I am still addicted to this dead-end job, so much so I'm allowing it to cut into the amount of time I spend practicing for basketball season. Now there is a laugh riot, this whole journey into the fast food industry began as a way to make two hundred dollars for Jordan's that I used for basketball practice; isn't that just hilarious.

I bet you're wondering why I am again writing on a piece of receipt paper when I previously declare d I would never write again. I must say I was serious about keeping my promise, till I re-discovered all my little entries two weeks ago. While I read all my little rants on napkins and receipt paper I fell in love with them all over again, how corny is that. So for two weeks I thought about the pros and cons of writing again, eventually I broke down and started writing, this is what you see here. Won't this make the greatest book, the story of the deranged girl who was too addicted to her job to quit; I am so pathetic.

Only one good thing in the six months since I last wrote has happened, I have traded shifts. I am no longer a daytime- weekends worker now I'm a four days of the week closer. Another sign of how out of control my addiction has gotten. I see Julie a whole lot less which is a relief, but I still have to indoor the queen of mean. I've only started calling her that recently, I didn't come up with it myself, there is no way I'm creative enough to do that; instead it came from the very clever mouth of a girl named Denise. What is amazing about Denise is that she is two years younger than me and twice as smart as me. That in it self isn't very weird, I'm hardly a rocket scientist. What is weird is the fact that she in some strange way worships me, or at least wants to emulate me. Now that is ironic, this girl is better than me at nearly everything but for some freakish reason she looks up to me. I must confess I haven't really been discouraging her admiration of me. I mean come on if someone looked up to you the way Denise looks up to me would you stop them. The only thing that I dislike about her is her habit of calling me D.D. short for Daz Dower, first of all that is horribly annoying, and second of all that is not my last name, that is my mother's maiden name, I am Daz Thomas not Daz Dower. I told her this like a thousand times but she still calls me D.D. anyway. The worst part is that other people, are picking up on this horrible nickname, in fact Kate calls me D.D. every time she addresses me; the bitch. I wish calling her the queen of mean became as popular as my little nickname has become. Sadly that will never happen everyone is much too cowardly to say it to her face, myself included.

Once again I ponder who these entries are addressed to, heaven knows if one of the employees, or worse yet a manager finds it I'll be totally screwed, there is no way they wouldn't know it's me. I mean I incriminate myself in this entry alone like five times, I am Daz Thomas, yeah real stealth of me.

This whole entry I've been skirting the important issue, what am I gonna do with these entries, I can't just leave them here anymore. If Julie were to order a thorough cleaning of the store I'd bee found out in a moment. Damn it seems I've gotten myself in quite the pickle, ha like my food humor. Anyway, I guess I could destroy each entry after I write it, but I don't think I can bring myself to do it, these retarded little rants have really grown on me. Maybe I could just scribble out all the little spots where I incriminate myself. But that wouldn't work either I'd have to get rid of so much… And then the entry where I talk about my family is out too. Plus someone could still guess it was me. And some day I could be famous, for like creating the perfect alternative to gasoline. Who am I kidding, I'll never be famous, I just really don't want to deface all my neat writing that I so carefully put on napkins and receipt paper. I'll figure out this mess later, my ride is finally here. Time to go home and pass out for five hours before school starts.

Um please don't be angry, I updated eventually maybe the wait won't be so long next time…