Sailing on Love

Chapter 3: Dangerously Shy

Troy was all action now. He growled and stepped out of the shadows he had been walking in. The hand released Chase quickly and the owner of the arm started backing away rapidly.

"S-s-sorry..." came a voice from the shadows. "I didn't see you there Merlion. Please, don't hurt me. Please, please."

Troy advanced slowly, looking down on his prey. "Whose territory are you in?" he said in that quiet voice. But now, instead of sounding shy, it sounded malevolent.


"And what am I supposed to do when someone's in my territory?"

The perpetrator gulped. "Dispose of them."

"Right. So give me one good reason why I shouldn't." Troy was sounding more and more dangerous and less and less like the shy boy Chase had met only that morning.

"B-because I have a gang to look after." The victim was trying to look brave and was failing miserably.

"So I should let anyone on my territory just because they have a gang to take care of? Is that it? Oh, and by the way, your gang doesn't really need any one member and you know it. If you went missing, they would elect a new leader and life would go on without you. Besides, what about my gang?"

This was the first mention Chase had heard about anyone else. Troy's gang? Chase thought. Doesn't he live on his own? Obviously, the other boy was thinking the same thing. "Your gang? Where's your gang? Everyone knows Merlion flies solo," he said with growing confidence.

"The others who live in my territory, of course. The others who go solo or just have no idea there are even gangs. They live under my protection and though they don't know it, I help them out in little ways. Slipping them some food here. Dropping a coin or two there. They don't know what I'm doing and they're livin' just fine. It's a win-win situation. Now scat, and send out a warnin'; next person on my territory gets a long drop and an extremely drawn out death. They'll get the idea." With that, he turned on his heel and stalked off.

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