"This Is War"

Just an accident,

Unavoidable, but true

Just the accident of openness

The accident that's you-

It's so regretful,

That I had to live this out,

Tried to wash away the bullshit

Push away and push it out

You ran away

from the truths

That you didn't get-

From the lies that you set forth,

And now you've left us with REGRET

And like you'd say,

Anything that might sense,

But don't stop it yet-

Don't even take a chance,

Just place the bets

Because it's ON now,

And you took off your mask

I'm sick and tired of this all,

It went from bad to worse too fast

I guess it's DONE now,

This damned facade is wearing thin,

And you're shedding off your skin

This treachery just lies within

And you don't Think..

For just a second of your time,

You never Think..

About these literacy crimes

I wish you'd open up your eyes and See

This bullshit place, this you and me

And the world you threw away for truth,

And an idiocy that precludes all youth

Just Drop Down,

Now, This is War

Don't try to call it out on me,

Don't try to call it out on me

You never stopped it,

Step up, This is WAR

Don't try to PIN it all on me

I'll push it back at you, I'm Free

This is War

You never sat down

To hear what she really said

Just ran back in your fucking head

Hid away Behind a vision so red

As if you'd try

Just to understand for once

Instead of jumping the same old guns

Instead of backing away just as it come

You'll never understand the Ways

That you've brought this on yourself,

It's WAR,

On you and no one else,

Nothing can stop it,

Shut out these Yells

So just Drop Down

Now, this is a War

Don't try to call it out on me

Don't try to pin it all on me

Just drop your gaurd down,

Fuck off, this is MY war

I never stood for anything,

You never COULD be anything

This is WAR


And just to push away your forgetfullness

And bend back sideways with both wrists

You faked...


And in the midst of emptiness,

You couldn't help it, Couldn't resist

Your just a FAKE-


And don't you breathe now,

Don't try to stop,

This is War

All of your exiles,

Turned back the tables,

And battered down the doors

Don't drop your shit down

On me,

NO-This is a War

Don't try to run now,

Step Up,

Step Up,

This is War.