I know sometimes it seems to be

They're making you suffer,

for the scorn that's me.

Above below who gives a fuck?
It's not like they'll condescend-

Won't push their luck.

And she says that I'm no good for you,

To be honest I'm probably Shit.

But I'll make a way, I always do-

And I promise, this won't be it.

This fuckin' hell,

This sad excuse.

It won't take us, Baby

Won't be our noose.

I'll get us out,

Beg borrow or steal,

They're the only problem,FAKE,

We're the only things that are real.

They just can't see,

What we've got, you and me

Transcends all their morals,

Their logic, bullshit-

But I swear I'll make them pay,

For each fucking day

That you sufferend this PRISON,

this fucking cold shell.

It's not like they'd notice,

if we got out somehow.

Just quick goodbye, no courtesy

Extended, until now.

I could get out so easy,

If not thethered by you-

I'd bust you out with me,

It's over, this is through..

If I could I'd burn it down,


This hellhole,

This town..

And scatter it's fucking ashes

On this unhallowed ground.

We're the matches for this bonfire,

Sit back and let it burn..

And when we couldn't be higher,

Give them their mourning turn.

And re-paymnets for all

Of our drawn out dues-

I'd give up my last breath

Just to ressurect you;

Just to bring you home now,

From that false place of a house.

Just to feel their bones break,

And that gasolene, douse...

Covered up in this charcoal

This hell's such a mess.

And I've found in my debris

All the bullshit that's left.

Not a thing that's worth saving,

Not in this damned town..

My dearest, we're getting out,

It won't take us down..