You happy now?

Didn't you learn?

Or was me telling you

A waste of time?

You feel proud now?

Of wasting it away?

Or was me crying

A waste of time?

You think your cool now?

Was it good?

Or was me being depressed

A waste of time?

You experienced now?

Go ahead, don't let it tear

Devalue yourself

And let the person

That I love

Vanish into thin air.

Didn't you learn?

Through my suffering?

Through my regret?

That its one of the stupidest

Things you can do?

What do you want me to say?

That I don't care?

That you can do whatever you want to?

Like I have a choice,

Considering I can't even face you.

Go ahead, don't listen to me

Think that what you did

Was worth it,

Because obviously enough,

You don't care about me.

How could you, when you

Can just stand there

And act like I didn't warn you.

How many times did I say

"Its not worth it"

Didn't you learn?

I just didn't want you

To go through

One ounce of pain that

Has plagued me for years.

Good job,


But please don't come back here.