Easter Egg

Feelings Foreign

What are these?

Split in two, I am two separate people;

One for him, On for…the others.

Call me sweet, beautiful…innocent

Let me be the little girl, the naïve one

I fool them all!

Beauty! Ha!

Superficial. Bitchy. Manipulative

He alone see's my true colors.

The world is a scary place…

Now that he has woken up the demon….in me

He knows me, really.

Beneath my beautiful shell, I am a rotten easter egg.

Painted beautifully, but with no insides

I fool them all!

Except him.

He looks at me like the monster I am.

Treats my beauty like a simple perk too his new toy.

All that I have too offer, is a pretty face

I could hand him my picture, he would have all he needs

Something too show around!

I am too be kept in line, I am not too get out of hand.

I am dirty, I am contaminated, I am not the innocent freckled virginal thing I would like too be believed.

But the others shouldn't know…

They wouldn't believe me if I told them