Welcome to the abyss.

If the president does it, it's legal.

In a world where we no longer control our own destinies

In a place where our highest achievement is a fuck

Where the mass media tells us what to think and how to act

Where fat people are considered social rejects because of some arbitrary genetical misfortune

Where we hand out drugs to kids and tell them to shut the fuck up and sit the fuck down

Where friends kill for money and define their own justice without so much as a fuck you

Where war is widely accepted as some distant fucking happening

Where children are bombed into radioactive corpses and we mourn for their 3 seconds of airtime

Where we would rather broadcast how much money models make and applaud their stick figures rather than take an active role in helping the unfortunate

Where watching people sitting on couches and evicting them from some imaginary household takes a priority over doing something about our decomposing social structure

Where we watch our global leaders lead us towards our own deaths and we attempt to save ourselves by pushing for the better of two evils

Where our only options consist of a killer and a mass murderer

Where we wipe out our rainforests and burn our earth from the inside out to feed our families

Where we kill endangered animals and still manage to find a buyer for its corpse

Where the poor lie in our paths begging for money but our steady incomes barely satiates our own indulgences and not a dime is spent on them

Where our earth's ozone decays every day from our environmental neglect but we remove our guilt by paying developing nations to do our job

Where we respect those with an ability to fake emotions and pay them for their efforts

Where babies starving in far away countries mean dick to those of us with a big fat paycheck every month because we think they should get jobs

Where we are kept under control through a campaign of fear and instilling needs in the populace to create major revenues but disregard those peoples well-being for our own profits

Where those of us with a voice and enough courage to stand against the ever forward-moving machine are crushed and not so much as a whisper is heard in our media

Where our advertising has gotten to the point of manipulating core emotions to create a profit

Where parents kill their babies because of the stress we have created for them

Where we see more pavement in a day than we do grass and trees

Where our politicians see fit to invade, corrupt and destroy a country from the inside through a campaign of terror and destruction on foreign nations still with smiles on their face and a 'stand against terrorism'

Where it's ok to depose a person standing for the betterment of the human race to benefit your nations economy and your own back pocket

Where evil lies around the corner and the only way to stop that is to hand out enough cash to keep you protected from the big scary world outside of your front door

Welcome to mild depression, a place we call the Abyss. This is the world thats left for appreciate your money and your complete lack of social conscience. We'll fuck you from the day you're born until you drop, but you'll never have a clue.

So fuck you.