The super nova of black love.

One woman came to me, to confess her life and a love that she would never get again. She confess to me that when a black man and woman reach that love, when two souls become one soul in the art of making love. She said, no other man of no other race can bring out the soul of a black woman. She said, that not all black man can do this. But when you find that one you need to throw away all the knowledge of what those other men have given you.

And keep what this man is teaching you, and keep it in your heart like a priceless treasure. She said, I have loved and being in love with men that only seek to destroy the soul of a woman. And I pray to God and Jesus to send me a good man. But their answer to me was that there is no such thing as a good man, but I'll send you something close. I mat this man six years ago. At first it started out like any other relationship.

Until we had our first fight, and the fight was over nothing. But it was that make up sex that made me realize. And also this was the first we had sex. I thought he was coming after me like those other men trying to break my spirit. But I was dead wrong. First this man shower me, cleaning my whole body from all that pain and hurt that life and men had put on me. And every touch of that black man hands gave me new understanding. That I felt good body, soul, and mind.

I began to wash him as he was still washing me. And we both never spoke another word. It was as if we were putting one another under some kind of spell. Maybe this was the black magic my mother once told me of. And I waited my whole life for. He walked me back to our bedroom and laid me in the bed. Now at this moment I thought here it come. Another trying to break my spirit. But once again I was dead wrong. That man kissed my whole body till I was fully relaxed.

My mind wonders so. No other man I had would bother to go this far. And before I knew it he was there, making love to my garden. There was nothing I could do. I surrender my being to this man. For hours on end he never came up to say anything. All my anger and madness was no where to be found. Cause the pleasure of this man understanding had shadowed all that I was. When he came up to face me. His eyes told the meaning of what was happen. I gazed deep into my black man eyes.

And the history and the suffering of our people was there to let me know just what was happen. And I felted a single crystal tear run down my face. I was happy and sad and glad and mad all at the same time. I wanted to speak but dare not to. I was in love like never before. What was next to do. While I was thinking this, I felt as he enter me. (God!)

I thought he move himself so slowly into me. Inch by inch by inch never once did he rush.

And once again I found myself surrendering to this black man. Than I thought I would watch and learn. For this is what he wanted and I was right. When he was fully into me, I watch as his shoulders move ever so slowly, like a black panther stalking his prey. His eyes were fixed on me. His hand paste to the bed so that he didn't put his weight on me. And I was open wide to all that he was giving me. And all I found myself giving him.

The thought of all my pain and all that useless sex those other men have given me all gone. I was learning what I suppose to have known all along. (The meaning of black love) I would go into full detail but my black woman you must learn this on your own. But I will tell you this much. God have not given this passion to a other creature. Save the black man!

You can't find it no where, and you dam sure can not buy it no where! I stay with this black man one year than he was gone. (died) when you black woman or woman of other race get a black man like this. Making love or just simply being in love you are learning something about that man and yourself. And that lesson is simple love.

By Ronald Campbell.