My fault - I let him do that too me

I didn't speak out

My fault - I couldn't bare others to see

I didn't want them too know

My fault - I covered the burns and the bruises

I was so ashamed

My fault - I just kept making excuses

I didn't ask for help

My fault - I didn't scream or fight

He said he loved me

My fault - I thought that it was his right

I let him hurt me

My fault - I knew that it was wrong

He made me do it

My fault - I just let it go on

Afraid to tell

My fault - He's gone, I'm left for dead

Broken shell

My fault - This water now runs red

He taught me about pain

My fault - I now cut my arms to shreds

Bleeding for him

My fault - I hop from bed to bed

All I'm good for

This was really hard for me to write – and a lot harder to post – but I felt I needed to share how I feel…after all this time…

I would appreciate your thoughts on it.

Thanx. Shadowspirit xX