the girl

kaline, frightend by her alarm clock jumped up and fell out of the bed. she got up to turn off her alarm clock and seen that it was 8:30am, shocked by the time kaline ran to the closet and said to herself ' I'm gonna be late for school!'she got out some dark blue jeans and a red t-shirt and some white tennis shoes and ran out her bed room door towards the bathroom. she splashed some water on her face and hurriedly brushed her teeth. kaline stopped at the mirror to see how she looked. she has tan skin and hazel green eyes. she brushed her dark hair out of he face and went to the kitchen. when she got there kaline's mom, jane said, " well good morning sweetheart! you got up kind of late today, want me to drive you to school?" " no thanks mom, kaline said, i'll just walk, it's not that far." so she grabbed a peice of bread and walked out the front door. while kaline was walking she seen a kind of old looking guy looking at her. but she didn't pay any mind to she got to school the halls were as empty as meat loaf day in the cafeteria. kaline put her stuff in her locker and went to the office to get a late pass. when she got to the office the door was locked and it was dark inside. so she decided to just go to her first period class, social studies. when she got there no one was there either. kaline looked through the whole school but she couldn't find a trace of anyone being there. so she decided to go back home and have her mom call the school board and see what was going on. kaline went back to her locker and got her things and left the school. when she got back home her mom wasn't in the kitchen so she went to her room and put her stuff away, then went to her moms room. she wasn't there. kaline just thought she went to the store. so kaline called her moms cell, no one answered. kaline calle her dad's cell no one answered. so she decided to call her friend and ask her what was going on with school. no one at her house answered either. kaline was getting scared now. she called everyone she could think of but no one ansewered! now kaline was beginning to cry. she went to the garage and got her bike and rode into town to see if anyone was there, no one was. then when she was about to turn around and go home, she saw the man that she saw going to school standing right behind her. she let out a small yelp of horror.