"Inorganic Angel"

Tell me, bleeding angel,
lying broken on the stone,
what hand was it that injured you?
Perhaps it was your own.

I'm lost again, I realize…
No mortal soul can hear my cries.

Show me, sullen angel,
the source of your distress.
Inside, your soul is locked within
your blackened heart's caress.

My mind was weak, my heart unwise
to e'er believe those whispered lies.

Silence, laughing angel,
has always been your foe.
For if you let your false grin wilt,
then everyone will know!

Underneath this brutal guise,
my heartbeat wanes, my spirit sighs.

Smile, lustful angel,
for your adoring crowd.
Know your veil of mystery
shall soon become a shroud.

They love the darkness in my eyes,
Those black-rimmed orbs that hypnotize.

Inorganic angel,
your place is nowhere near.
Your time is not today or soon.
Your final days are here.

I can't speak my last good-byes…
My eyes have closed, my spirit dies.