"No! I don't want to hear another word of it! Leave me alone!" Everyone stared at her incredulously, and they all seemed to not want to do anything about it.

Shortly after, Bryante rose from his chair. He nodded towards Lady Villao, and kissed her lightly on the cheek. He knew that this would be the last time that he would see the girl who was running, and wanted to assure Lady Villao that he was going to spend some time with that someone. That someone was she whom he had realized was only a friend.

He slowly moved towards her room, the door coming into his view. He turned the knob, and upon entering her magenta room, quietly shut it. She looked upon the lone figure at the doorway, expecting him to do something unexpected.

Bryante searched around for her with his eyes, finally catching sight of the breath-taking beauty sitting in one of the ornately carved chairs full of expensive and intricate designs. Bryante sat near her on her bed. Her distant eyes were staring at the floor. They were filled with tears, daring her to let them spill. She held it in though it hurt too much just to try doing so.

After a moment, she sighed heavily. Her chest was rising and collapsing slowly. Bryante wrapped his arms around her and murmured just one word to her that tore her whole being apart : "'Bye." He lifted her chin and kissed her forehead lightly. Then he walked out of the room, closing it as gently as he did when he entered.

And now, the tension was just too unbearable.

That was it for her. She lay limp on her bed, wondering why the man that she so dearly loved decided to let her leave - alone. Her plan wasn't supposed to happen this way. He was supposed to come with her; be with her. They were supposed to plan the most perfect moment when they would leave - together. But he had walked out on her. Her body, as well as her heart, laid still, just living and nothing else. She was wallowing in her own despair.

Then she recollected herself. She knew what he was saying, even if it meant that he was leaving her as well as that she was leaving everything she knew. She pulled on her lightest and most treasured piece of clothing. It was the light nightgown she wore at night, though only at a minimun of five pounds lighter.

She packed some few snacks she had snuck in from dinner after her she had completely lost control of herself in her fit of rage. She carelessly threw them in a little satchel before heading off. She used the blanket from her bed and threw it over the edge of her balcony. She slid down it, but she ungracefully landed on her now sore bottom, and fell into a heap of bushes.

She clawed her way out, but she was oblivious to the too-much noise that she had caused, and before she knew it, somebody was pursuing her. She ran away quickly, noticing that the bush hadn't helped her skin at all. She was covered in purple bruises, and you could make out many red marks and scratches on her skin, especially near the palms of her hands.

After some minutes, her breathing became ragged, and she couldn't handle all of the weight, so she let her bag drop somewhere while she was running along one of the corridors. She could forget about that pack! She could go off to a distant land, find work there, earn it gracefully, and climb her way up the ladder. It was the only way she could prove herself to others. She wanted to prove to herself, more importantly, that if she was to go back home and live there, she was meant to be there because she had actually worked hard at it.

She ran as fast as she could. She didn't want to go back. She could never, ever go back to that horrible and lonesome place she had once felt so comfortable in. She couldn't go back to her home! Why couldn't that man just let her run off? He knew that she was a stranger to this place that she had unfortunately become accustomed to, but hated nonetheless.

The guard ran after her, his chest heaving heavily. Her every movement was swift and she skillfully moved along the streets at a far-flung pace, as if she knew the paths like the back of her hands. As if she was never locked out. She had carefully and masterfully avoided any object that would hinder her mission she worked so hard to accomplish - to get out.

The man called after her several times, but it was to no avail that she did not respond. She did not want him to get the better of her. She would run away, as long as she could go far. He wasn't going to get her. Her eyes were filling to the brim with tears. She was crying. She wanted to get out. She wanted to get out! She wanted to get out!

She was finally out of despair, and could now, at least, hope. The young woman could hope to get out, to disappear, to live a new life - to be free.

This time, his pace quickened. The guard was becoming faster, as if an extra burst of adrenaline flowed through his veins. She let her legs move more faster than ever so as not to be caught by the hands of the man that served the rest.

Unwillingly, after having accomplished so much distance, the lady accidently stumbled upon an innocent bystander. He was one of the villagers who could do nothing but stare. A loud thud ensued, and she fell. But she shortly after got up quickly, noticing that part of the gap she had made had been closed off. She didn't want to falter - not after being this close to achieving her goal. Her dress had more holes than it had before, it was muddied, and it was a mess. She wanted to clean it off; she wasn't used to uncleanliness.

She prayed to God, for there was nothing better to do than to pray. She wanted Him to hear her silent plea. Not just to hear it, but to answer it with a yes. Despair was clouding her thoughts again, but she was quick to shake it off. If she gave up now, she would have nowhere else left to turn to. She would have to go back to her extravagant and boring life.

The main reason she wanted to leave was that there was the fact that she didn't have to strive for anything. It all came easily to her, just like nature. Like how a flower blossoms in the springtime. How a bee would drink the sweet nectar of that flower, and without knowing, would pick up clusters of pollen to spread around. It was just like nature.

Suddenly, she didn't know where to go. She was too scared to face what was right in front of her for she had dared never to venture before where she was only moments ago, and was now faced with this unwanted prospect. But it wasn't so much as that she was scared to trek into the dark and abandoned shrubbery. It was just the fact that she might get lost that troubled her. She didn't want to be lost. She wanted to know her way, like she had always known. She wanted to know where the path she was heading herself was leading her on.

That was what she hated. She hated knowing the paths, yet wanting them. She did not want to be arrogant and all-knowing, even if she was and did want to be at times. Everything about her own self was confusing, but because of her determination, she did not let it get the better of her.

But then again, she didn't know where she was headed off to. She would be lost forever until she found where she would belong. Little did she know, where she belonged was somewhere very far, far away.

The old guard called her name again. She turned and looked at how many yards he had gained. She had to get out, and did the only thing that would get her out of the forsaken land that she had loved. She ran into the thicket, the branches and many thorns bruising and deterring her once-admired porcelain face.

She could hear the clanking sounds of the guard retreating. She knew that he would rather make up some un-true story that she immediately disappeared after a turn or something close to that, than telling the truth of how she ran into the forest and he was too tired to continue on with the chase. He was what she pictured everyone to be - a coward afraid to face the real world, and so set up many rules to keep them all organized. In a world congested with lies, she wanted to find out the truth.

The woman suddenly jerked her head to the side. She knew that there was something or someone out there - the rustling of the leaves told that same story. Her heart started to pound fiercely, and she wished so badly that she could get out and move on somewhere else. But where to? She didn't know this forest at all, never mind inside-out.

Whatever had made the sound was getting closer towards her, its steps crunching leaves and all else under its legs. She turned her head to the side, expecting to see some place where she could run off to, or at least hide under a huge tree trunk or try to fit into one of the tiny burrows made for the smaller creatures of the earth.

But what she had wanted to see was simply not there. She was in a huge clearing, clearly exposed to the man who was getting closer with every heart-pounding step. She looked all around her, searching for a hiding place. The man was getting frighteningly close, and she started to panic. Where were all the hiding places the woods were supposed to have had?

Before she knew it, he lunged towards her, and she was immediately trapped by his toned arms. She knew that no matter how hard she thrashed and moved about wildly, she could not get away from his stout grip. It was no use. He clamped her mouth shut tight. But she just rolled her eyes at that. Why would she scream? She didn't want everyone to suddenly get a new-found interest in the woods. It would just give her away, and it would eventually lead to her being turned over and going back to the enclosed hole she so bravely got out of moments ago.

She looked at him and noticed that he dressed oddly and not at all like those from the village or her . . . home. She didn't know where he came from but she certainly knew that he did not come from anywhere familiar to her.

He looked at her face, a look of pure amazement and shock was plastered onto his face. Maybe he had recognized her. But the man quickly rolled her over to a new spot, where they would both be concealed if tried to be seen from afar. He put a finger to his lips, and signaled for her to be quiet.

She thought he was trying to reassure her that it wouldn't hurt as much. That maybe she would get away quicker if she kept silent and tried not to dislocate herself from the compromising position that she was set into.

But then she heard it. Another man was advancing towards them both. In his left hand, a rapier was held high. It seems that he was hunting. He was hungry for some blood, and his prey wasn't as far away from him as she would have liked.

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