Summary: She wasn't a princess, but she definitely had a curse put on her. On her fifteen birthday, she pricked her finger on a spindle and fell into a deep sleep. He was a prince, but he didn't set out to go find her and save her. Instead, he accidentally found her, and accidentally tripped and landed with his lips on hers. She wakes and thinks he's a pervert, while he thinks she's a young immature brat who likes to sleep. Everyone thinks they should marry (after all a kiss is a big thing and a man should own up to his responsibilities). If only they just didn't hate each other first….


The birth of a girl sent the little village of fairies running around happily. It had been a long time since anyone was born in the village, and the excitement was hard to handle. The proud mother of the new baby was Abigail, a young woman who was mortal, but was in all the fairies good graces, as would the child.

To celebrate the birth of the baby girl, the fairies planned an evening of celebration. All the fairies rushed to gather food, decorations, and all the things needed for a party. Through all the planning and running however, all the fairies forgot to invite the most important fairy.

This fairy was not important for being the good fairy of all the others. No, she was important because she was the most powerful, most evil, and scary fairy. She lived high in the mountains by the village, never coming down unless she had to make an appearance of some kind. This fairy was named Alma.

That night, the night after the birth of the baby girl, all the fairies gathered around the lady in the middle of the room who carried the beautiful little girl.

"What is her name?" One fairy asked.

"Belle," Abigail said, so proud of the daughter and her name. "Belle."

All the fairies "oh" and "ah" the baby, taking turns touching her cheek. The baby was quiet and only fussed when she was hungry. All the fairies loved her already and decided to give the baby a gift.

There were about fifty fairies total. Each gave little things; for that is the best they can do because unless they are saving a life, they cannot perform unnecessary spells. Some gave her material things like a play wand, hair ties, dresses, etc. Others gave things to make apart of her like to care, to never turn bad, etc. Then came down to the three elderly fairies, the most wise and respected in the fairy village. To have them there was a great honor, not to mention the fact that they were Abigail's really good friends. Their names were Martha, Helen, and Freda.

Martha came out first; her wand out in the open and slowly the tip touched the baby's nose. "I bless you with innocence. Never lose it for it is what keeps us pure and beautiful."

Then Helen came out. She said, "I bless you with kindness for those who give shall always have a happy life and know no life evil and selfishness."

The last came Freda. "I bless you with the gift of innocent wisdom. You shall always know what you need to do, but always carry it out with no evil doings or evil thoughts."

Abigail bowed her head, careful to not disturb the baby. "Thank you my friends."

Everyone smiled at one another, all looking at the baby. Suddenly, however, the atmosphere changed. Instantly in the hearts of all the fairies and the heart of Abigail, they knew whom it was that arrived.

"Did no one invite her?" Martha asked, alarmed.

All fairies looked at each other and shook their heads.

The door burst open and in flew a woman in black. She had long wavy dark hair, dark eyes, and dark red lips. She emitted evil all around her and Belle started to cry.

"I see you are all enjoying yourselves," Alma sneered. Once the baby started to cry, Alma turned her attention towards Abigail. "What a delightful child you have."

She went up to the baby and mother, and touched the baby's cheek. Abigail pulled her child away, scared. The baby's wail grew even louder. Alma covered her ears with her hands, screeching, "Your child has no respect, no obedience. Just like her mother!"

She sneered once more and suddenly out came her wand. "I will make sure she will not have a future like her pathetic mother." Waving the wand over the baby's face, Alma said, "In her fifteen year she shall prick her hand on a spindle and fall into a deep sleep, forever not living a life like you."

"How dare you!" Abigail cried, stepping back from the evil spinster. Martha rushed to her side and whispered into her ear, "Do not provoke her any further."

Abigail silenced, but glared at Alma, who smiled.

"You shall never see the end of me Abigail," Alma said, "trust me on that." And suddenly wind came and blew around the house, and in a cloud of black smoke, she was gone.

Abigail looked at her baby girl, who was now asleep peacefully. Tears rushed down Abigail's face and slid onto Belle. "My baby girl," Abigail whispered. "I can't lose you…."

Martha touched Abigail's arm as the whole group of fairies drew closer to comfort her. "All spells have a way out," Martha told her. "This spell shall have one too."

"Yes, but all spells have other consequences," Abigail cried.

"That we must not think of," Helen said. "We must just try and keep Belle safe for now. We shall worry when her fifteen-year comes. For now…." She patted Belle's little hairs on her head. "Love her and care for her."

All the fairies nodded. Abigail nodded.

"Yes," she said, hugging her child closer to her. "For now…."