Shadows of the Light

Summary: Karen, ever since she was a little girl, would almost always have vivid dreams about future events, and how to stop them if she could. She never knew that there would be events that she couldn't stop…nor that her gift had a huge price tag attached.

Woah. This is my first PG-13 (or T, whichever you prefer…) rated story/fanfiction EVER! BTW, the rating is for violence and references to suicide/death. I made it PG-13 just in case.



Talking Telepathically



Chapter One

The Haunting Dream

The girl slammed the door, fear etched across her fate. She could feel it coming…she knew it.

She didn't want it to happen. Not again. But she knew that simply slamming a few doors wouldn't stop it.

She ran over to the other side of the room, panting for breath. 'I can't let him get me! I can't!' She thought desperately. She groped around in the darkness for something-anything-to help her, even though she knew that there was nothing that would do any good.

She suddenly felt like there was invisible ice wrapped around her feet. She shuddered, and felt like they were paralyzed. The "ice" crept farther up her body, incasing her. "NO!" She screamed, even though she knew that no one could here her. She was practically in the middle of no where.

When she felt the "ice" around her chest, she heard a hideous voice that she knew all to well. He/it said, "You can run, and you can hide, but you can't escape your destiny!" She broke her hands free from the paralyzed part of her body and clamped them onto her ears, even though she knew it would do no good. The voice was from within. "I will haunt you for the rest of your life if I must!"

'STOP!' She inwardly screamed. 'STOP! I don't want to! I won't do it! I'll find a way out! I will!' Despite her words, the voice merely echoed what he had already said.

The voice continued to echo for a few moments more, but instead of fading, it grew stronger. She closed her eyes and clenched the hands around her ears into fists until suddenly, she flung her eyes wide open, and unclenched her fists with a gasp. "He's trying to find me." She said in realization. "And he's succeeding."

She knew what she had to do. It was the only way to stop him. She reached into a pouch and pulled out a unknown object. She stared at it, then gulped, saying, "This is what I have to do, no matter how much I don't want to."

"Karen, hurry up or you'll be late for school!" A voice called from the bottom of the stairs.

"Yes Mom." Karen grumbled, clumsily getting out of bed. Grabbing her glasses, Karen pushed her red hair back and put them on.

When she got to the bottom of the stairs, she said, "Hi Mom." She grabbed her backpack and slung it over her shoulder. "Bye Mom!"

"Wait a minute, honey." Her mom said. Karen inwardly groaned and spun around. "Yes?…"

Her mother gave her a quick kiss on the cheek. "Have fun and be good, Karen."

"Mom, I'm in 9th grade." Karen groaned. "I'm too old for this." However, Karen's mom knew that she was only teasing.

"Yes, but I still love you." Her mom said, smiling in such a way that Karen had to smile back. "I'll see you later, hon."

"Bye!" Karen waved, then she ran out the door. She stepped onto the sidewalk and trotted down the street aways, when suddenly, she saw someone. "Helen!"

"Helen" turned and saw Karen. She smiled. "Hello Karen." She said in her usual shy, quiet voice.

"'Sup?" Karen asked, a grin planted on her face.

"Same oh, same oh." Helen said, still quietly. "And for you?"

Karen's smile faded away. "Well, I'm great, except…"

"Yes?" Helen said, eyes wide.

"I had another dream last night." Karen said. "It's as weird as ever."

Helen's eyes were still wide, but now, she looked a little worried instead of excited. Karen knew why.

Ever since Karen was five years old, she would, on most nights, have dreams-a lot of times, nightmares-about…well, almost anything. After a couple of these dreams, she figured out that they were future events that would happen if something didn't change. Then, after seeing the event, she'd see a flash of a room, person, place…anything. That person/place/thing would be something leading up to the event. If Karen made the right choice when she saw that person/place/thing, then whatever was going to happen didn't happen. She had only made the "wrong" choice a few times, because, even when it wasn't a choice between right and wrong or something obvious like that, she always seemed to know what to do. She had no idea why.

"So, what was the dream about?" Helen asked, a little nervous. She was always nervous about these, but you can't blame her. How would you feel if you're best friend had dreams about future events, sometimes being a matter of life and death?!

"Well, it went like this…" Karen said.

Karen was sitting in her classroom and, suddenly, the girl sitting next to her screamed. She turned, only to see her vanish into thin air. Everyone stood up, looking for her. Not one of the kids in that room didn't look terrified.

A few minutes of frantic searching, the girl reappeared. "What happened?" The teacher instantly demanded, but in such a nervous tone that it revealed that she was only demanding because she was scared.

The girl looked like she had seen a ghost. "S-stop! W-what do you want with-NO!" She began screaming frantically for a few sickening moments, then, she passed out.

"What was that all about?" Helen asked, looking at Karen. Karen shrugged. Suddenly, Helen screamed. "NO!"

"HELEN!" Karen said, grabbing Helen, hoping that would stop Helen from vanishing like the other girl. But it didn't. Karen, for a moment, felt Helen's wrist, then the next, nothing.

A few minutes later, just like before, Helen reappeared, this time, with a little more control. "Karen, get out of here! You're next!" Then, she vanished again, unlike the other girl.

Karen's eyes were wide, and she made a bolt for the door, but suddenly, she felt like someone had kicked her in the stomach. She held it, then fell to the floor. Suddenly, a searing pain went across her whole body, like all her nerves were on fire, and like someone was sticking a million needles into her.

Screaming, she saw a flash of white light, then, she found herself in a strange room, but she realized instantly it was a cell of some kind. Next to her was Helen.

"It's…true." Helen said, eyes wide. "It's really true."

"What's true?" Karen asked, but before Helen could answer, she felt unbearable pain in her hand. Screaming, Karen grabbed it and rolled over. She saw her hand was transformed into a hand that was more bruised, callused, and tanned than her own. Suddenly, it turned into a cat's paw, then back.

She heard a voice say, "She's the one. I'm sure of it."

"Good." A voice that made both girl's skin crawl said.
It's a good thing that we got the supplies THIS time."

Suddenly, Karen found herself no longer in the room. She realized that it was the "flash" at the end of the dream. She saw herself in front of the warehouse behind her school. Two men were there, but she couldn't see them very well. Helen was next to her.

Suddenly, Karen woke up. When she fell back asleep, she had a normal dream.

"Freaky!" Helen said, obviously disturbed.

"I know." Karen said, sitting down on the bench. See, while Karen was telling Helen about her dream, they had been walking towards their bus stop. They had just arrived.

"Are you sure it's not just…a normal dream?" Helen said, a little scared. "Oh, there's the bus."

As Karen climbed onto the bus, she said to Helen, skeptically, "'A normal dream'? For who? This is a normal dream for me. Besides, it's in the right format. It's gotta be real."

Helen sighed as Karen sat down. "I don't know, but…that's only the kind of thing that shows up in stories."

"Just like dreams that tell people the future are." Karen said, sighing. Before Helen could respond, she said, "Helen, I know you're concerned, and I'm just as scared as you are, but let's not talk about it, okay?"

Helen nodded, and meekly agreed, "Okay." She sat down, and the bus started off for their school.

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