Okay so this is how the story is going to work; I'll write down a chapter, and then I'll give you all a choice between 2-3 different options – and then you vote. Whichever option has the most votes, that's what happens next in the story. So basically, all of you reviewing this story gets decide what happens.

This isn't an official chapter; I'm just setting up the first vote for everybody: who the main character is going to be:

So here we go:

Brittany, the self obsessed beauty queen who can't think past her own head and has a complete jealousy problem (picture tall, blonde, complete airhead)

Elaine, the self conscious poet who happens to be a total innocent, and very anti-social (picture tiny, frail, mousy brown hair, too sensitive for her own good) OR

Brooke, the sweet athlete with a very unique sense of style and a positive upbeat attitude, who also turns out to be quite lonely because of something a past friend has done… (picture "beautifully cute", average build, lovable, smart and witty)

Okay, so read the choices, and then just pick your favorite! The time frame for voting is 2 days, and then I'll post the actual first chapter.

If you have any questions concerns, or you're just confused about how things are going to work, don't hesitate to ask!

TTFN, Manda