sitting cramped in your shitty car one a.m. skin absorbing so a.b.s.o.l.u.t.e.l.y. the traces of alcohol and cigarettes on your breath i am limitless like a wanton philistine, the delilah-BEcome-jezebel of this (and every similar) situation, damaged smiles and soda water salivia stalled in the back of my mouth (don' . ), i remember he said, (i need something to tie you down with) you make me adulterous pretentious badly forged artwork looking for a patty hearst adventure, w...a..s..h.. me with glitter in this tangle of black lingerie knotted satin bedsheets, bitemarks bloodstains ring around the shower drain

tell me who were you who was he who were all those boys i used really and who is this girl they used in return?

(you get what you give, don't hurt the boys if you want to live)

they need something to tie you down with


jezebel, oh jezebel/you made me such a tattle tale
jezebel, jezebel/you make me scream you make me yell
pretty pill i pop like methamphetamines
you make me free you make me scream
jezebel, oh jezebel/you make me kiss
you made me tell

you used that lie so very well

they'll find you on the street with rhinestones under your feet
dare dare dare i'll choke you with your hair

jezebel, oh jezebel/ you get what you fucking tell

oh, jezebel.


what becomes
of the good that don't die young
and the sinners that aren't really fools-
mirror, mirror that crashed and fell
they threw me to the dogs so i wouldn't tell



(they threw me to the dogs so i wouldn't tell)


Not what I usually write, a mix of two different styles I've been intrigued by lately. Jezebel is, of course, considered the archtype for the "wicked woman," and Delilah the deceitful temptress, and I've always liked those bad Bible bitches, so. . .here you go. This is partially based on real events, but in the end I really just took the idea and ran with it. Not sure if it's up to par, but nevertheless, this is what you've got. Also, if you know the story of Jezebel, the ending makes more sense. I promise.