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Chapter Three

"Now class, this project will count for 40 of your semester average," Mrs. Price said.

Kayla blinked, "40?" she repeated softly, looking up at the oldest teacher in the school. Her gray hair was always pulled back into a tight bun and her cracked dry lips were always pursed, as if she was sucking on a lemon.

"Yes, Miss Madison, 40," Mrs. Price replied as she eyed Kayla, slowly lifting an eyebrow. "And you will be assigned a partner since there is an awful amount of work to be done."

Kayla let out a sigh of relief and looked over at Sara Beth, they were always partners. "Well, that makes it a little better," she said softly.

"And just to be fair," Mrs. Price added, "I will assign the partners"

It was almost as if she wanted all the students to do badly. Unlike many of the teachers who wished for their students to succeed, Mrs. Price opted for challenging her students to the brink of absolute failure. Every student was convinced that she was a descendent of Satan

Kayla slumped back into her chair, shaking her head. "What the hell," she murmured to herself as her eyes began to bounce about the classroom at the other students.

"Miss Madison, since you are so enthusiastic about the project, I will assign your partner first," the old bat said. "Mr. Barrera, I think that you two will get along famously"

Kayla could have sworn she heard the lady snicker when she wrote down their names. She turned her bright green eyes to her left and saw him...

All the way in the back of the classroom, totally oblivious to his surroundings sat Eric, his head propped up against the wall. At the mention of his name, he looked up and smiled, "Aw shucks Mrs. Price, thanks!"

He sat up and looked at Kayla, winking at her before letting his head fall back against the wall and shutting his eyes.

"Ass," Kayla muttered before shaking her head and picking up her pen, scribbling down her partners name and their project topic.

Sara Beth leaned over her seat, "Well, at least you get to piss him off right?" she smiled.

Kayla smiled and shook her head, "Piss him off? Please," she replied. "Im going to make him beg for mercy." When the bell rang for class to dismiss, Kayla sauntered over to Eric's desk and pushed his shoulder, jolting him from his sleep.
"What the he..." he began before opening his eyes, "ah, it's you." He sat up and slid out of his desk, "Sorry I cant stay and chat but I'm late for a lunch date," he said as he stepped around Kayla and headed for the door.

"With who? Your mother or something?" Kayla asked, knowing that she was starting to play with fire. "I just wanted to tell you not to mess with my grade," she said, catching up to him.

Eric paused for a moment at the door before shaking his head and continuing to walk through it, "And if I do?"

"You do and you'll regret it," she said, her eyes narrowing. If she brought home anything less than an A- her father would freak out.

Eric chuckled and stopped, looking her up and down, "Hmm, maybe we can work something out then," he smiled, wiggling his eyebrows. Working on a project with her he knew would be a living hell, but at least he could ruffle her feathers and piss her off.

Kayla rolled her eyes, "You jerk." She brushed past him and slipped into the crowded hallway, trying to suppress the smile that was slowly spreading to her lips.

Eric let his eyes glance over her disappearing figure. He shook his head, a body like that wasnt even worth it.

"Let it go man," a voice said, drifting up to Eric's side. "Hott, but definitely a not!"

"Charlie, you don't think that I know that?" Eric replied, looking over at his friend. "Anyway, lets blow this popsicle stand. I heard that Mark has some new wheels in at the shop."

Eric sighed and ran his fingers through his hair and began to make his way through the crowd of students and out the side doors, making sure that he wasn't spotted by any teacher. He looked over and saw a group of girls snickering at something that was apparently hilarious. Rolling his eyes, he and Charlie continued to the parking lot, avoiding the small cliques...

Kayla picked up her board and slowly made her way to a half-pipe, observing the other skaters through her oakleys. She reached the staircase and began to make her ascent, looking around to see if Eric was at the park. Surprisingly, she hadn't seen him at all that afternoon.

After making a few runs, she came to a stop and glided off the ramp. "Where is he?" she asked out loud, continuing to look around.

"Where is who?" a familiar voice asked.

Kayla froze instantly and blinked, laughing nervously.

"The jig is up," the voice added, "Kayla..."