Secular Temple

Angels thrown in throne, beseeched in throes of mortal death.
Celestial bound by cosmos fire-well and sharp tongue, plague
The innocent hope left in box. Pan's thorn stuck deep in her waist.
A trivial wound caused serious damage to those that sought and took
The barrier high men, protector of the virgin muse. A desire left within
Their soul burned their attempts to break those feeble main members.

Sickness abound for templar monks, corrupted by the greed of celebricy.
Perverse nature of their walk on hallowed ground, covered in crumbs
While the starving orphaned are bound to his feet, feeding on the trail
Of happy thoughts and heavenly rewards. Holding on to the hand of
Her majesty, the farmer reaper whose hands are hard and calloused
From the daily harvest. Their path and longevity abandon those of the pious
Monk, self-sacrificing his pocket full of carrion; disease-ridden buzzard meat.

Pagan child sits by a rock, feet submerged in filthy, squishy muck.
Pagan boy in awe of the stream's colour and abundance of life.
Barbarian kid ogles a girl with fairly smooth skin. Satan's kid,
The little bitch with her tail between her legs screams for her brother;
The bastard child orgasms in his sister's secular temple.
Brotherly love proudly shown under her dress.

A priestess, with tiny steps, walks through a field of grass.
The farmers sigh and throw their affection for her face.
The beauty of this temple guard unmatched by the beauty within.
Rosy cheeks flaunt the colour of her sex.
Proudly she swerves the unfortunate of beauty.
Mighty she walks into a tree, whose seed lands on her lips.

Re, En
Raged And
Forgotten deity
Sits on her throne above. Once the pin
Nacle of otherworldly beauty regarded best.

Trodden Beast
Among Her peers.
Bitch in heat eternally, on
Her knees to receive the love she cannot

A love she
Cannot deny she
Needs, and despises most of all.

She gives,
Her body she
Sacrifices and
Her dignity she lays aside.

Lovely goddess now forgotten by time,
Homely goddess withered away like myth,
Like a fairy tale for little children:
Abandon, ignored, and left collecting dust.