AN: I was feeling morbid and was contemplating horrible ways people could die. I remembered reading that drowning is a relatively easy death and decided to write about how chilling it could be. This style of drowning is an adaptation of an ancient Chinese style of torture.

You wake up in a lonely cell. The walls and floor are made of cold, hard stone, layered with a cover of slimy moss, reminding you of almost coagulated blood. You search your prison, but find no exit, not even the smallest hole in the impenetrable stone. The air is damp and the scent of mold hands in the air. You start feeling claustrophobic. Sitting down in defeat, you wait and try to think of a way to escape, but your eyes are continuously drawn to the moss, looking eerily like the walls are bleeding thick, green blood. A small voice in your head tells you that the walls have seen many horrors and they bleed, and will weep, for those who are now unable to.

Suddenly, an unrecognizable, yet familiar, noise sounds from above. You peer up; straining your eyes, willing them to pierce through the darkness above you to see what new threat is coming towards you.

Finally it clicks; the sound is that of water! You shift your gaze to the walls and are startled to find that the walls are lined with small streams of water. The walls' tears puddle on the floor. The puddles, like ravenous amoebae, spread their fingers toward you, promising to hold you in their eternal embrace.

You move away from it, but your boots splash in another puddle. Soon there is no dry ground for you to stand in. Like sand in an hourglass, the water flows down in a thin, inexorable stream, slowing filling up your suddenly tiny cell.

The water has now reached your knees…thighs…waist…chest…neck…

You realize that death is now unavoidable. The time between the point were you are unable to draw in more air to your submerged nose and mouth and the point when you can tread water to keep yourself afloat is too long.

Realizing this, you take one final large gulp of air and close your eyes, waiting for Death to collect you. Your lungs, and soon your entire body, burn for more life-giving oxygen, but you are now unable to fulfill even that simple desire. Darkness creeps in the back of your mind. Slowly, it stretches its fingers around your brain, one by one, shutting off its functions, like lights in a brightly lit hotel going off at night.