My late night rendezvous with my dark knight.

Spontaneous, we are.

We drive off into the freezing night, or the early morning.

The rain falls loudly on the windshield; and within seconds, you wipe them away.

The car is cool; your face is pale in the midnight plastic streetlights.

The streets are deserted, but you love it.

I love it.

And even though you see the road ahead, I steal those glances from it.

But when our eyes meet, there is no car, no road ahead. No cold, no rain, no dark abyss.

Just your brown eyes matching mine.

Duke it out you two, just duke it out.

So random, we are.

Two oddly shaped puzzle pieces, but we fit.

It fits. It fits.

You wanna get it right, just get it right.

Just park the car, and step out side. Meet the rain with your arms spread wide.

I grab your hand and we run for the playground, just run for the play ground.

With my back against the bathroom wall, we make it under shelter. We make it.

Your cold hands fit on my hips. Make yourself at home, just make yourself at home.

Your lips fit on my mouth. Make yourself at home, just make yourself at home.

"If it happens, then it happens and that's all."

We move slowly. Just slowly. Very slowly. But maybe just for tonight. You've got to get it right. We've got to get it right. It's got to be right.

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