I wont forget the first time that we met

Or the time I saw you at that place

I'll never lose the memory of when you came to see me in the middle of no where

I won't forget the things that you said

Or the way you used to hold my hand

Day after day I sit here and pray for you to come back

Back to me

Life without you is starting to sink in

I feel lonely and abused

Like I have no life to live

I will always miss you

And I'll long to kiss you

And I'll think of you when it rains

Cause I'll always remember that day

At my parent's cabin up on the lake

We laid on the bed and we just held each other

Its really sad to think, it's the last time we were there

I'm gonna miss you, the next time I go there

And I'll wish that I could have you with me

I'm gonna long to kiss you every day

Why did you use that gun

Did if fix everything? All of your pain?

It didn't fix mine, it just made me more sad

And I'll long to kiss you

Next time I lay on that bed

I'll never forget you or your memory

Oh I'll long to kiss you

Wish you were here with me…to ease my pain