A/N: I wrote this quite awhile back...in like grade 10 or 11...it's based loosely on this one guy...essentially it's an apology to him...an apology for misjudging him

Sorry I Misjudged You

Grade 9

You were a hothead

A big shot

A jock

You thought you were cool

Acted all tough

I thought you were good-looking

Nothing more.

Grade 10

You were an idoit



You thought you were the best

Didn't care about anyone else

I thought you were good-looking

Nothing more.

Grade 11

We had English together

You were still the jock

Always craving attention

But I realized you had feelings too

You were not what you made yourself to be

You still mocked those not cool

But that no longer matted to me

I misjudged you.

Grade 12

I see you with different eyes

You are still the jock

But you are afraid to let them see the real you

Afraid they won't be your friend

I enjoy your company

For we are just the same

We both have created an image to protect ourselves

Sorry I misjudged you.