What streets are these that now i walk?
Where once i was want to fly?
Once there was but beauty here,
and now i see it die.

Where Light once fell,
now darkness dwells,
and in laughter i hear the cries,
upon smiling faces i see the flies.

Where once was life,
there is but death,
and i am all that remains.
I in a world of stains.

A world where the stains are ignored,
where the truths are shunned,
the lies adored.
And an angel afraid to spread her wings.

What is this Humanity?
these Humans call this horror Sanity?
to see the blood, and walk away,
to see the pain and fail to stay?
They call this love and swear to care,
but to merely watch and stare,
as another innocent soul is lost,
lightly to the wayside tossed?

Then ask each other what the cause,
and yet they never truly pause,
the hustle and bustle of their busy lives,
to wonder at the horror, the murder, the lies.
that make up this world this life they live

But shake their heads and give

the innocents not a single other thought,
but to blame a new generation's plot,
to destroy the beauty that they swear was their make,
yet they see not the destruction they left in their wake.

They wear their rose colored glasses,
and see not the demons that control the masses.
They Walk streets paved in gold,
yet see not the horrors those same streets hold.

What streets are these, that now i walk?
Where once i was want to fly?
There once was a beauty here,
How could they have let it die?