'… And he would appear from the darkness take my hand and all my problems will dissolve – my prince charming…'

I read the last line of my story quietly to myself finishing off the last few words with some wistfulness. I hit enter and the last chapter of my story was updated.

That night when I logged on to the Internet ten emails were waiting for me in my inbox. All but one were reviews about my last chapter I posted, they were all from reviewers I knew; or so I thought until I reached the last one – the most recent one.

The following review has been submitted to: My Prince Charming Chapter: 31

From: Sum4me

Your story rocks; it took me two hours to finish it and I'm a GUY! I've never read stories like yours before it just kinda creeps me out that a sooky story can keep me interested…

I laughed out loud and scanned the name for an email, but I found none in half an hour I decided to log off as my shift at the restaurant starts in another twenty minutes.


Running into the kitchen by the back with only a few minutes spare I quickly rummage in my bag to find my apron; - it's not there. I hang my bag on the back of the back door I swear and ask Randy the cook

"No shit! Ran you got a apron I could borrow?"

"Lin not again! And you're late!" he says running around like a headless chicken.

"Yeah, traffic was shit… Must have left it at the library." I answer mumbling the last part to myself while digging through some tea towels trying to find a spare apron

"Lin you know where the damn juicer is? The new one broke." John asks me while trying to hold onto about five apples and another four or five pears, making him look a lot like a juggling act in the circus.

"Isn't it in the cupboard above those pots?" I ask still looking through the draws for a spare apron. "Ran! It's not here!"

"Of course it's not there, you brought home all the spare aprons and 'forgot' to bring them back."

"Naughty, naughty." John chided me while looking in the cupboard.

"Somebody serve table nine! I'm already serving three tables, Mandy's still serving table one. That girl had better learn how to multitask soon or we'll all be doomed and I've still got to wait for Ran with those fish fillets!" In a fit of frustration I pull out the knot on John's apron, yank it off him and tie it around my waist.

"I'll return it later!" I call back to John who nearly dropped our one good juicer on the floor. Grabbing a spare pen and notebook I did a beeline for table nine. Composing myself before I reach the table I ask

"Hello, my name's Belinda and what would you like to have today Sir, Miss?" the man at the table answers

"I'll have the cook's special, and she'll have the Prawn Delight." I quickly scribble down their order and ask

"Would you like to have any drinks with that?"

"Plain water please."



"Thank you, and your order will come soon." Heading back to the kitchen I stick the order on Ran's order board.

"Need your apron yet?" I ask John

"No, you can have the apron for today I'm working back here with Ran. Today's a busy day."

"Table one, five, and six's orders are ready!"

"Lin go and serve table one, I've only got two hands and I can't find Mandy any where. If you've got the time after you serve try and find her."

"John, did you see Mandy leave?" I ask while gathering up table one's orders.

"Nope, not from the back at least." John yells over the blender and juicer he was operating at the same time. Realising that I wouldn't be able to bring all the food to the table at one time I decided on doubling back. Leaving half of the orders on the counter I carry the other half to table one. Arriving at the table I realise why their orders were that much and why Mandy took so long. Half a football team was in one booth. Yelling over the guys I ask them

"Excuse me! Who ordered the rump?"

"That'll be me." I dish up the other three plates on my tray and before I could return with the rest of the orders a guy with particularly very spiky hair called out to some one behind me,

"Hey, lil' bro! What took you?"

"Um… you want any thing?" ask the new comer.

"No thanks." He slid into the booth and I quickly doubled back to the counter to get the other half of the food,

"Lin! Table nine's ready, Marsha's still serving up the other two tables could you please serve them too?"

"Going, going!" I return to table one and serve the rest of the food saying,

"I hope you enjoy your meal." Before I rush back to the counter to serve table nine. I found Mandy outside throwing out a bag of rubbish,

"Mandy! We've been looking for you! I had to serve your table cause you weren't there."

"Soz, I was outside and I kinda forgot about the time. Any way I'm taking out the trash! So that HAS to count for something!"


By the time it was three o'clock, it seemed to become slower so I retreated to the kitchen where John and Randy were having a nice discussion over whether the rump or fish filet tasted better. I popped a cold fry into my mouth and joined in their little 'discussion',

"NO the rump is definitely better." I said.

"SEE! I'm right, it's two against one any way. And all the orders that we get most people ordered the rump! Who likes fish filet anyway?" Argued John.

"An old person." I supplemented eating another cold fry.

"Keep out of this Lin, and aren't you supposed to help Marsha with the waiting?" Randy asked me annoyed; age is something he doesn't really like to talk about – that includes receding hairlines.

"Slow. She told me to go back here so I won't 'get in her way'." I said putting them in inverted commas with my fingers.

"Figures, hey why don't you be useful and go get us some coffee?" John suggested,

"How about – no? You guys owe me ten bucks from the last time I went out to 'buy' you the coffee. Why don't you buy the coffee today John?" I suggest menacingly.

"No? I'm broke. Ask 'The good cook'."

"Order's up!" Marsha yelled,

"Too late, you heard the lady." Randy said, somewhat relieved. John ripped the order off the order board and read it out.

"One rump; extra sauce and a cup of black coffee – no sugar. Point me – nil Randy."

"Oh stop being so immature John." Randy said pissed off,

"I'll get the coffee." I tell John eager to get away from their little discussion.

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