On Sunday, Mel came over and explained everything to me

"Why?" I ask strangling my stuffed bear, poor bear.

"To get you two to be at peace with each other." Mel said calmly stroking my cat,

"Mel what part of 'I don't give a damn about him' and 'I'm not going to talk to him.' Don't you understand? Plus I DON'T EVEN KNOW HIM!"

"It was supposed to get you two together, so that you'll know each other."

"And where did you get his number?!"

"I've got my sources." I roll my eyes and hurl the bear at the wall.

"And how did you know about SamSpace?"

"It's something I will and shall not disclose."

"Come on kitty, it's time for your lunch." I walk out and the kitten followed me. I'm not sure if Mel followed me.

"Think about it Lin, he's just trying to be nice and you're just being a total bitch to him." I stop and turn sharply to face her,

"And what makes you think I am one?" I hiss angrily "You are not me Mel, you don't know what goes in and around my brain. HELL! Sometimes I don't even know it myself! So what makes you think you know more than me?!" I pick up the kitten and storm off to the kitchen. Damn another fight with Mel and we might just stop being friends, why the hell am I fighting with her? Why?! Urghh! I hate myself right now! I scop out a can of cat food for the kitten and toss the empty can away. My kitten is really weird, one it won't eat the cat food unless it's in it's can shape and two my kitten would respond to anyone saying 'Kitty' so I guess that's her name now. Even though we didn't plan for it. I turn to Mel ready to apologise,

"Mel – I'm sorry I don't know what's happening to me these days. I'm just not me. I'm sorry I hate fighting with you and sometimes I forget what we are fighting over." I look at Mel but she isn't there, Sam's there. I stare at him. It wasn't a staring competition, I was in a state of shock. It was like I'm frozen in time, kitty was eating her food I could hear Mel coming down but I couldn't hear her talk.

"… And why should I get to cop it? You decided to go all 'I'm not listening cause I don't like him'. I mean give em a chance! And give ME a chance!" Mel came into the kitchen and spotted Sam (how can she miss him? He's right in her way!) "Oh hi Sam, what are you doing here?"

"Exactly what I wanted to know too." I snap at him breaking out of my trance,

"I, - the door was open."

"Is that your reason? Well didn't you know that it was rude to come in without the occupants' permission? Not to mention it is a felony." I asked, crossing my arms over my chest giving him an extremely sour look.

"Well – I. I came here to talk to you about the other day."

"Don't worry, I'll handle this." Mel said to him, I stare at her not believing my ears.

"Did you just say what I think you said?!" I cut in

"Don't worry Mel. I'll be fine." This time I look at Sam – MEL?! Only I call Mel that! She reluctantly left the room,

"You. Know. Her?!" I splutter "I am the only person allowed to call her MEL!" I say slowly and angrily

"It's very complicated, but I didn't come here to talk to you about her. I came to talk about what happened the other day…"

"What at the ice ring? No – don't even go there. Don't you DARE go there."


"No, you better not go there." I said backing into the sink.

"Why? I'd love to know you."

"No you don't. Sam just go away." I look down at my feet

"That day – I'd have never thought you'd drop your defences that quick."

"I didn't – I wasn't even there Sam! News flash – I was at home all the time OK?!"

"You were there! Then how did you know about it?"

"Someone implanted that God awful memory in my head that's how."

"What's wrong with you Belinda!?" Sam demanded taking a step towards me,

"ME?! Nothings wrong with me Sam – its you!" I accuse tears welling up in my eyes, "I've never liked you Sam, never have and NEVER WILL! So why don't you LET GO!?" I yell tears streaming down my face. I wipe my face, "Let it go Sam! Don't be like this! You like me sure! But it's not being returned! You can't like someone when they don't like you BACK!"

"You think I don't know? If you didn't like me back I wouldn't bother!"

"I've made it clear SAM! I DON'T LIKE YOU! So why don't you accept that fact and let it go! WHY?!" I scream I don't know if it's because I was crying and my eyes were fogged up but – I swear that Sam was crying

"Because of THIS!" he waved a few pieces of paper in front of my face. I snatch it out of his hands, I scanned the page and realise that it was the one Mel printed out.

"She gave this to you didn't she?" I ask after a while, I look up and he nodded his head. I shred up the pieces of paper and toss them into the compost bin,

"I've never written that, and you can forget about it." I walk past him. As I walk past him he pulled me back, I stumbled a few paces back.

"You wrote that, I know you did."

"You have no proof except the word of my traitorous friend. Leave me alone. Why are you wasting your time and energy pursuing something that will never be yours? There's nothing here, go and find something more Sam. I will never be yours and even if I do, you'll be better off with someone else. Someone who will love you, who will be there always for you. I can't be that person, I know it – and it's time you do too." And that was the truth – deep in my heart some where I knew it was the truth; we cannot and will never be more than just acquaintances. I shrug off his hand and leave my house letting my feet do the walking.

It was a great day out; the sun was starting to set by the time I got to the park. It wasn't the park right in front of my house; I couldn't stand to be near it, it was the park a few streets away it's called Peace park and as the sunset, I climbed up the observatory tower they built there and watched as the sun set. Slowly I could see the city lights in then distance and just as the last rays of light disappeared I remembered what I wrote:

'…And he would appear from the darkness take my hand and all my problems will dissolve – my prince charming…'

"My prince Charming." I whisper into the breeze "What rubbish." I say angrily "Life will never be like they are in the BOOKS!" I scream into nothingness. But there isn't anyone, it's dark and everyone's gone home except me. The stars twinkle their sweet noiseless song to me. And I cry.

The End.


Zenni: I might take that into consideration but you need to read the end first, this is how I want it to end up. I'm sorry if it's too depressing. I understand.

Katsui Adonis: Yes you're right, it was a filler chapter, I didn't know what to put in except that crappy thing. So please forgive me. :)