I sit here near the fire,

silky tears on my eyelashes,

the sound of the tea kettle,

wakes me from my stupor.

I walk to the kitchen,

and pour my tea,

wishing that you were here,

so I could pour tea for you too.

I take my cup out on the porch,

and I gaze at your chair,

imagining you there,

imagining that you were still here.

I remember a time where I knew

that I couldn't live without you,

and that time has not passed

I'll think about you as long as I last.

That one night that you had to go out,

the night I asked for more tea,

the night you ended up in the hospital,

and the night when 'darling stay' was my plea.

The young teen that had hit you,

was drunk as drunk could be,

and now he's dead as well,

his mother grieves like me.

I sip my tea again,

staring into the sun.

I can almost hear you call my name,

and I long to answer.

But I can't, can I?

Death has claimed you,

and left me behind.