In a world turned to turmoil, anarchy ruled with brutal force. The governments, organizations, and the unity that once kept all of earth sane and orderly, had crumbled to dust. The thought of the past and it's government reign now only seemed to be a fairy tale compared to the corrupted morale of the masses. The fall of mankind was obvious. It was bound to happen sooner or later. And with no orderly conduct to follow, it happened sooner than expected.

Wars spread quicker than wildfire. It wasn't just about inane wars on fuel, or even war on terrorism. Man found other things to feud over no matter how petty or foolish, always claiming of it's utmost importance. War on music, war on the environment, germ warfare, wars to settle old scores, and pretty soon it was even war against man himself.

Man could tolerate this sort of abuse, this type of animality, it was a human trait after all. It was in their blood. But just how long could everything else cope with it? It was as if this sudden horrific behavior in man caused all else to turn it's back on it's race. After all, if man was so foolish and selfish as to fight over the littlest things, to turn to immorality instead of intellect and love, then it was no wonder God turned his back on the existence of humans. God had given them the wonderful gift of intelligence and conscience, and instead they squander it and turn into true beasts.

Earth, once a shelter and comfortable home for all living organisms, was now a wasteland of ruins, despair, and depravity all because of man. What man spent thousands and thousands of years building, they had destroyed in less than a decade.

The once paved roads were cracked and crumbled, bridges threatned to collapse. Tourist traps such as the Space Needle in Seattle, or even Big Ben in London were now no more then a pile of rotting rubble. Though there are few exceptions, there are still several buildings here and there every now and then. You would never know what you would find in them though, it's best that you don't go wandering in territory you are unfamiliar in, if you want to stay alive.

The meaning of life, living in this age, is to stay alive. Humans are now a rare species, they were once the predator- they are now the prey. Most humans died, they couldn't handle the change in the atmosphere. The sun disappeared. The sky is dark, pitch black most of the time and cloudy and dismal the rest. There is no steady supply of their kind of food available, most human food found is inedible. The majority of the humans either died from starvation or were killed from killing each other off. But some managed to survive, and an even smaller percent of the survivors changed along with the conditions of the world. They evolved into something else entirely.

But they were still bottom of the food chain, those who managed to survive live in misery, these humans are hard to come by, which is why the capture of them is so sweet. And those who transformed into monstrosities of their own, they manage to hold their own in this perverse structure.

This is no longer a human's world anymore.

This is a vampire's world.