Beneath a deep blue moonlit sky
Sits a young boy, contemplating
There is much in life for him to try
Before he reaches up and touches angels' wings

Ten years have passed in minutes, it seems
The "young boy", currently nineteen
As shells explode above his head
He almost wishes he were dead

On his first important mission
He sees weapons, guns, and ammunition
As he watches this horrific thing
He looks up to see an angel's wing

And he finds the courage somewhere inside
To believe in life even though today he dies
To believe in love even though it's hard to find
And believe in hopeā€¦even tonight

And maybe this faith will give him peace
Like a circle of angels embracing him
Where he can look up and touch their wings
Follow them 'til he reaches the heavens

But still the war goes on
The drums beat in two-two time
Soldiers marching in a straight file line
As the boy marches silently with the divine


Don't forget about me
Even though I am only wandering
Maybe someday you will walk this last road too
And you will believe like I do


A/N: I obviously need help with the bridge. Any suggestions to make it better would be much appreciated. It's actually supposed to be the voice of"the boy", although that may be difficult to figure out...thanks for reading and have a great day! :-)