a/n: Well, this is a rather old poem of mine, but it still applies to this day, because I still don't understand why I'm here. I don't see how I fit in with my surrondings, or anything. There's to many questions in my head. Okay the spacing in this is pissing me off (excuse my french), and it's not listening to me. I'm already to upset to try and fix it again, i'll have to deal with it later so guys, just bare with me through this one! thanks.

Sometimes I wonder

Sometimes I dream

But most of the time

I think about why…

Why do I breathe?

Where do I belong?

What is my purpose?

Who can I trust?

Why am I still here?

Where am I heading?

What should I do?

Who can help me?

Sometimes I wonder

Sometimes I dream

But most of the time

I think …

I think about the world

Analyze its' problems

Some people think the word is such a great place

And for some people it may truly be

But I look at it and think of how sad it is that they are blind

And hidden from the answers

It saddens me to see them so helpless

The world is a place full of lies and deceit

A place where we are no longer united, no longer one

I think about my life

Is this what I want?

Is this what I want to do?

I question my mere existence

I have no doubt that I will be forgotten

Lost within the complexity of our reality


I wander…

No purpose, no reason

Just ambling slowly through my years

Alone and distraught

I know naught of my purpose…

I know naught of my reason…

I know naught of a life full of happiness and love

I remember happiness

I remember love


I know of greed



And darkness

I know that all too well

…all to well….