I am an escaped concubine of Augustin, a vampire who has spent three-hundred years collecting beauties with exotic features from around the world. Of the many he had only a few of us came unwillingly, and I am one of them. When I was nineteen, a time where modesty ruled women of all ages, he came to with the offer to join him. I refused, unwilling to become the thing I most despised, and then proceeded to spend the next two-hundred years living by the rules of his adobe. After those two-hundred long years of forced servitude, I have finally escaped. I am Samantha and this is my last night at Le Chateau du Vin de Vie.

The night began the same as the ones before; telling stories to the guests of the chateau. I am one of the five whose age stands out above the rest, and as such I tell stories to the guests of the castle, though many of these guests will never again hear stories. For that reason alone do I strive my best to make them interesting. Another responsibility of towering over others in age is to keep the younger girls in line. I accent this point by currently guiding seven of them at this very time. Guiding, in this case, mainly consisted of waking them, moving them to the parlor, and telling them what dress to wear for tonight. When I entered the parlor Amrit was already there helping her girls. She stroked the tiger that lay at the base of her chair as I opened the curtains; the safe dark of the night came in. More so, an absence of sunlight was in existence.

Augustin found Amrit in India when she was twenty on and married to a husband she didn't care for. Her husband
found Amrit and Augustin together one night. As he stood in the doorway promising to kill them both, Amrit, already having Augustin's blood coursing through her veins,went to him and broke his neck.

Amrit, immediately after being changed, found a talent in controlling large beasts. Augustin was intrigued by her talent and has had many beasts in the chateau over the years. She puts on shows and frighten the mortals with her wild beasts.

Now she wore a dark crimson sari the color of her lips; and of blood. On of her girls brought her a jewelry box and Amrit spoke to me as she put on her gold bands and rings.

"Nyah said some guests this evening may be older than even Augustin."

"Oh?" I said, only partially interested, which was more than I usually was.

"Yes. Conner, Johnathan, Marcus, and Natik, or so have heard." I may have blinked at the third name, but only hardly noticably enough. Marcus had come to the chateau twice before. The first time he nearly killed Augustin in a feud that neither would talk about, the second time he returned with two long scars marring the side of his face. This is interesting only because I have never seen scars appear after someone was bitten, and based on the reaction that evening, neither had anyone else.

I heard a girl whisper to another, "Natik is gorgeous." She was young and stupid.

"It is disrespectful to speak of our guest in such a manner." I scolded.

Her smile disappeared and she went back to putting on her make-up. I turned toward my own mirror and picked up a thin, delicate brush. I dipped it in a jar of black and traced my oddly colored eyes; one is purple and the other is brown. I then continued with one long triangle traveling down my left cheek from my purple eye. I picked up a thicker brush and dipped it in a jar of green to color in the triangle. My ruby red lips remained untouched.

Sachio walked into the room silently. The youngest of the girls stopped their gossiping and strained to concentrate on preparing for the night. They all feared her but only because she was known as the punisher.

Sachio's the second oldest, but has the youngest body. She was merely ten years old when Augustin took her. Today it is forbidden to change one so young. When she was eight years old, a pan of scolding, hot oil fell on her. Her right arm and upper torso became one massive scar. Her family disowned her, she was ugly and no man would take her as a wife. Augustin found her and was attracted to her bitterness. He changed her and now she is in charge of punishing us or fulfilling the desires of masochists. Augustin forbids anyone from touching her. As far as I'm aware, she is a virgin.

If she was given the chance, I think she had the potential of becoming very beautiful. She had grey eyes the color of furious storms. Light colored eyes are rare among Japanese, and that alone made her unique. Her face was round and pale. Her lips puckered as if she was always sucking on a lemon. If she let go of her bitterness I think her lips would turn into more of a pout than a puckering. Her body was only slightly defined; she was stuck between being a child and a woman.

Tonight she wore a thin purple skirt that was longer than her legs and nothing to cover her chest. The reactions from people fed her bitterness and she enjoyed it. I could tell she had freshly shaven her head for the night. She went to her personal cabinet and opened the double doors. Inside were several sharp objects, leather, and other odd contraptions. She knew how to use each one. She lightly fingered each one before picking out four of them. She picked out a long samurai sword, short handled scythe, nine 'o' tails with silver shards imbedded in the leather, and an arrow on a long strip of purple silk.

Sachio wrapped the purple silk around her arm and left the arrow to dangle from her wrist. She put on her special black belt which held all of her other toys. Her last accessory was a small dagger which she always carried with her. She slipped it into the waistband of the skirt. She turned around and came over to me.

"I know of your fascination with Lumina, so I felt inclined to tell you she will be making an appearance tonight." She said softly and walked out of the room.

A shiver went up my spine when I heard the name Lumina. Lumina is a great mystery to everyone. I don't even think Augustin knows everything about her. We all know she is old, extremely old, and ancient. Everything else is a mystery. Where she came from, what her real name is, if she's even human, what her face looks like; none of us know. The few times she has entertained, her face was covered with a skin tight, white cloth that had two braided strips that tied behind her hairless head. Her body is completely hairless in fact. Her face is the only part of her body that is covered. Her skin is pale and covered in dark blue tattoos. The tattoos, as Augustin has said, are an ancient language. They supposedly tell a story. How one continuous curling design is a written language, I don't know. Augustin told me the story and I have memorized it. I am the one who tells the story whenever she is present.

The two large scars on her shoulder blades are another mystery to us. It looks as if she use to have wings, or something else once attached to her back. Maybe she is a fallen angel. Personally I believe she's a weakened succubus. Her dancing and body movements put men into trances. Their eyes follow her every move. If she were to caress a hand, the man would react as if she had touched a much more intimate area. She is only to be viewed. No one is allowed to touch her unless she touches you. The punishment of touching her is being given to Sachio and eventually death.

"Who is Lumina?" One of my girls asked.

"You'll find out tonight. Now get ready. Tonight is a big night." I responded and then went back to perfecting my make-up.

My make-up was finally finished and one of the girls instinctively came over to help me with my hair. My hair is a vibrant red mass that covers my entire body. I handed the girl a brush and she began brushing out my hair. She then began pulling my hair into a loose, thick French braid. When she finally finished all that was left to do was my outfit.

I walked over to my own wardrobe and opened the double doors. I sifted through the clothes and finally decided on a green silk corset with a forest green design that would go over a forest green skirt that flowed around my body. I slid into the skirt and then one of my girls came over to help with the corset. She laced upped the back and then pulled the strings tightly squeezing my waist together. She tied it and then went back to doing her own make up. I looked into the mirror and fixed my breasts so that a small mound peeped out the top of the corset. I was ready for the night.