When you reach the end of your sanity,

Remember me,

When tears stream down your dirtied face,

And your heart is broken into two,

When you feel like the world is out for you

And you just want to disappear,

Remember me.

When no one seems to remember you are there,

Remember me,

When your friends turn on you,

Or when you fee worthless,

When you give your heart away

And have it returned in pieces,

Remember me.

When you feel unloved,

Remember me,

When you are made fun of,

Laughed at, scorned,

Leaving you no one to turn to

Or anyone to share with,

Remember me.

Remember me, my child,

When you scream out in anger

In pain,

In frustration,

Remember me,

Remember me, beloved child

When you wonder if anyone is there

As you whisper "Why me?"

As you sit in the corner, alone,

Remember me.

Remember me, precious child

When you are pressed to the ground

By an uncaring world,

Weeping for deliverance,

Remember me.

I hear your cries for help,

I see your tears of sadness,

I listen to your whispers of uncertainty,

I have not forgotten my promise.

Remember me, child of mine.

I am always hereā€¦