I have gazed upon you're eyes to wonder why? For they have brought to me a memories of another for I could not have. And your lips, so very soft to touch. Like those milky cloud as a child lay to look up at the summer sky. Those lips that are ready to speak but do not dare. The whole lining of your face for which your maker have taken a life time to create. Just so that whatever man true of heart may behold you all the day of his life.

I long to touch your hands that would let me understand to all that I will. And when you have undress before me, your breasts show me their true form, like children wait for their parent to say, baby go out side in play. Both of them as full as any fruit that God has placed upon a woman. Both circles that tenderly move slowly as you tremble. And how you neatly cut the hair from your garden that shows the flesh which has brought men to their knees.

And desires spoken and mat, I watch as you walk away and your buttock gently moves from side to side declaring your womanhood.

For I see you as a godhead. And you charlotte don't even know me. I see you as a star but yet the company of you and I was so very far. And that was the love I held for you, true in the years of 82.

And now here I sit to wonder why in the years of 2005, and how your eyes show the hurt and abuse of all those men so many years ago. How your eyes seek to be some man wife and your years seek to be some child mother. And how Hollywood used you up and cast you away. And my eyes so bitter to see you this way. I wanted so badly to cry out to say, I shall try to give you back all those lost days. But what can I say. You don't even know me.

By Ronald Campbell.