Satan First attempt.

Satan cast out of heaven he who saw heaven aloud. Rout on men that now been warned. Scarped for it now. Came down on mankind after he lost his right in heaven now laid in hell. Thought bold to boost the birth the beast recoils distract the bottom stir. Hell from hell wakes despair memories. Satan looked around his unholy pit. And dare to make a simple wish, that which must be in his view the sad full blazing sun. He wished a crown.

Like the gods all the stars thee I call to add to my name. And all those angels cast down with him shouted to say. Thy beam from what state? Thy sphere threw us down and you are not a matchless king? But if so return us from which we came! But Satan only stated such a return? What I was with his good service hard on me. His praise, day him thank will only prove the ill in me. So high now stop higher moment, quit gratitude still to owe. I cause you received graceful mind at once. Burden then?

And in this place yet no name, Satan yell, ITS SHALL BE CALLED HELL!

How high was once the throne of his mighty enemy? Was brought to the side of this pit here in this place awaiting nothing but misery and immortal hate. I shall rise above that one that seeks to end me here! Does not the sun still know me to shine her glorious light upon my face? But the stars in his heaven bow down to me no more. Man his great delight shall feel my wrath above all this he stands. I who was once called the son of the morning light.

Now I sit in hell with misery mixed with dismay. He wills his thunder and I with immortal hate. With his angels asking all the time do I repent? Outward lusts rage my misery to my unconquerable will. I said, I shall not repent! But I shall dwell here to learn and study revenge. So write soul seeker for your weary pen shall write my win over him. And you and your kind shall never know an end to my hate. Heaven shall be in my hands, and his son of glory shall be mine puppet,

And that cross of salvation shall be burned to ash. As was mine hopes and desires. Dough he has 99 names given to him by man, I shall have a thousand more and none shall know them save the souls that keep them.

By Ronald Campbell.