RED With Envy

Yuck. That's all he could think. There was a large brown blob of only god-knows-what on top of a bunch of chips with a few yellow sticks that were supposed to be cheese. He walked out of the place where he paid for the overpriced crap and sat down at one of the school's cafeteria's tables looking disgustedly at his tray. This food just capped off his really bad day...

His name is Matt Mills, and he's a junior in high school, as well as one of the school's star baseball players. Sitting on one side of him was a girl named Megan. He looked around the cafeteria and took note of a complete and utter babe known as Joan. Someone sat down beside him. He snapped his head around leaving his little dream world to see who it was. It was one of the most popular and most beautiful girls in the school, Andrea. All three of these girls are complete babes, but he figured his chances at any of them were down near zero. He looked down and prodded his mexican surprise crap with his fork.

"So what's up?" His head snapped up to see who was talking to him, and much to his delight saw Andrea looking at him. "Uh...wha?" is all he could say.

"What's up?" Andrea said, with a tint of annoyance in her voice.

"Oh, uh...nothing, how about you?" he pretty much choked out.

"Blegh, same old same old," she answered.

They ate in silence for a few minutes just occasionally glancing at each other before he broke the silence. "So, uh, wanna get together sometime?" he asked her slightly blushing.

"Sure, sounds great, how about tommorow night?" she said smiling at him.

"Ok, pick you up at six o'clock? Dinner and a movie maybe?" he asked feverishly.

"Ok, here's my number, call me tonight," she replied, winking at him before she got up and left.

OH YES! he said to himself getting up and leaving with butterflies in his stomach. Maybe it isn't such a bad day after all... he trailed off in his head as he went to his next class.

Megan just stared after Andrea and Matt, getting jealous already before they were even an official couple. Megan slammed her tray and left.

Later that night Megan was telling Joan about how Andrea and Matt were going out. I wanted Matt for myself...Andrea doesn't deserve Matt...I must stop this... Joan was thinking to herself, only half listening to Megan.

The next night Joan was sitting right behind Matt and Andrea, the couple not noticing the red head. Andrea was leaning a little bit on Matt, Matt had his arm around her shoulders, and Joan was about to try to break them up. Joan blew in Andrea's ear using the straw, praying that Andrea would think Matt is moving to fast and get up and walk out.

Much to Joan's dismay, Andrea enjoyed it! Andrea just smiled and snuggled her head into Matt's shoulder, and Joan could almost see Matt's heart pumping with joy. Joan put a hood of the parka she was wearing over her head and left with disgust.

After their date Matt stood on Andrea's front door step. He had just brought her home and they were saying goodnight.

"I had a really great time tonight, Matt." Andrea softly said. "Yeah, it's just to bad it had to end so soon," he replied.

They just stood there were a few mintues looking into each others eyes. Matt made the first move, he reached down and put his lips against Andrea's. Andrea smiled at the corners of her mouth and stuck her tongue in his mouth. Matt put his tongue into her mouth and they closed their eyes and kissed for a few minutes. Andrea broke away smiling and said "Goodnight." Matt mumbled his goodnights as Andrea went smiling into her house. Matt strode, feeling 3 feet taller, to his car smiling.

For the next month, Matt and Andrea went out almost every night, much to Joan's and Megan's disgust. Joan had just given up on breaking Andrea and Matt up and Megan just watched helplessly from the side.

The baseball season had started up while Andrea and Matt were dating, but one night after one of the biggest victories of the school, jealousy got the best of a couple of people.

Matt had been the last one to get in the shower, and was trying to finish up, knowing that Andrea was waiting for him outside. He felt a light tap on his shoulder. He turned around and saw Andrea standing there, wearing nothing but a towel. They both smiled as Andrea let the towel fall off and she reached up and kissed him. He could feel both of their tongues in each others mouths. He broke away and looked down at Andrea's beautiful face.

"Are you sure you want to...?" he asked softly, she nodded slightly as she pressed her lips against his. She pulled away from him and softly said, "I love you..."

"I love you too..." came his soft reply. He saw her look behind him. He saw the look of horror flash across her face. He turned in time to see a baseball bat being swung at his head bye a shadowy figure. He ducked just in time but heard the cut off scream and thud as the bat cracked against Andrea's skull."NOOOOOOO!" he screamed as he turned around again and cradled Andrea in his arms. He felt and heard the crack of the bat as it hit his own skull.

He woke up with a start. He was cold, he was naked, and he was wet. it took him a minute to realize he was laying on his stomach on the shower floor, cold water running over him. ...Where am I...OK...I remember i'm at the school...I remember being with Andrea making out...I remember her being hit with the bat...then i must've been hit bye the bat... he thought to himself as he slowly got up and turned off the water. he looked around. Where could Andrea be? he said to himself as he wrapped a towel around himself. He felt the bump on the back of his head. That told a story all it's own. He started to run to the locker room. He ran in and twirled in his combination, having to redo it three times because of the slickness of his fingers. He slammed open his locker and pulled out a pair of shorts. He put them on then put on a baseball vest. He took a pair of socks out and sat down to put them on when he noticed someone in the door way. it was Megan. "Wha...? WHAT HAVE YOU DONE WITH ANDREA?!" he screamed, standing up. Megan just looked at him and took another step towards him.

He ran up one of the two flights of stairs in time to hear a scream followed by a thud on the next set of stairs. It was to dark to see. He saw a light up at the top of a ledge that over hung the area he was in. He felt a warm liquid go around his feet. Lights suddenly snapped on. His eyes traveled form the ledge to his feet, which were in a pool of blood. His eyes traveled from the blood to the limp body of Andrea, hanging upside down on the stairs, her eyes staring blindly at him. He looked up again and saw Joan staring down from the ledge.

"NO!" he screamed as he ran up the last of the stairs. He stalked toward Joan. "WHY?! Why did you kill her?!" he demanded angrily.

"She didn't deserve you, she was a bitch, she never cared for you. She deserved to die for acting like she liked you!" she shakily replied

"It was you who swung the bat, wasn't it? And why did you wait just now to kill her?!" he demanded, still angry

"I wanted to hear her scream, but you don't need her, you've got me..." she replied softly.

With that she walked over to Matt and kissed him, putting her tongue in his mouth. He put his tongue in her mouth and fell into the kiss. He made them wander over to the ledge, both seemingly enjoying it. Suddenly, he turned and pushed Joan over the railing, breaking the kiss permanently. He caught an eye lock with Joan's sad eyes, as she landed neck first on the edge of the steps, killing her instantly and putting her dead body on top of Andrea's.

" YOU DIDN'T DESERVE ANYTHING, YOU JEALOUS BITCH!" he yelled at Joan's already dead body. He then grinned evilly and turned around, just as Megan came up, and he wrapped Megan up in his arms and kissed her, putting both their tongues into each other's mouths. They kissed for a few minutes, then left the dead bodies for the janitor to find in the morning.