This was inspired by Kidney Thieves lyrics. Give them a listen some time.

The goddess of her mind's repose
Lit a candle, watched it grow
Melted wax and felt it burn
She has got a lot to learn

Her fingers swept the broken ease
Into a corner, watched it bleed
Faced the quiet, can't turn away
She has got a lot to learn

Experiments with trepidation,
Since no one's loved her creations,
She's cast a spell to lift the sun,
And she has got a lot to learn

Snapped a rhythm, felt it beat
The bruises throbbed beneath her feet,
She needs the silence, wants a turn
But she has got a lot to learn

Exposed the poison to us all,
Told us how she watched them fall,
She says she's learned, she says she's done,
And now she's aching for the gun

The time that runs inside her mind
Fed her to a separate crime
She's picked the season, sat back to watch
Expelled the holy, but treats them well

Notes she jingles with her eyes,
Keeps the finer things inside
Broken windows left the tracks
She's followed them and won't come back