Summary/Authors Note- Ok guys! I couldn't resist writing another story! This is based in Lamia, a poem of Keats. I don't like Keats actually –glares-…But aaanyway. This is my version with mythological gods, from which most you'll recognize. I just found it funny to imagine if gods still existed today. I do want to repeat that some things here don't actually happen in mythology, but then again, anyone can make mythology! Enjoy!

Itallics are mental communication


He saw the familiar face reach his box, and for the first time in weeks he decided to un-roll himself from the bundle he had made and climb the artificial wood stick that hung from the ceiling. He had been waiting for this too long.

A tall man with blonde hair that matched his green eyes walked through the zoo trying to find something amusing. He stopped at a sign that read NEW ATTRACTION, COBRA COLORUS ONE OF A KIND! He crocked an eyebrow and decided to take a look inside, there was a crystal cage and a sticker on the corner, 'This cobra has only been seen twice in more than a hundred years, it's fangs are highly venomous and it's length is about 2,30m' and so the legend kept describing the snake.

Hermes took a look at the snake, spotted vermilion, golden, green and blue. Stripped as a zebra and golden slit eyes. It is you Liam!

The snake glared at the man lifting his head to level with Hermes, Took you long enough to recognize me… Hermes scratched the back of his head smiling, Sorry, you know it's been a long time The snake sighed, I know…bloody times have changed, still get praising and shrines? The snake laughed at his own joke.

I wish, but I'm doing well in this new human job.

Didn't know gods worked.

Hermes shrugged, Just for fun. So how did you get here?

The snake slithered, I was pretty content with my life in the jungle when a stupid mortal tried to catch me, and the "myth" of finding such strange creature spread out and more people went to look for me. Until one day, one of those lucky bastards hit me with a dart. It glared to no one in particular, I would've preferred to be hit by cupid…

Hermes laughed making a few people look at him, Now, now, they feed you here and clean you.

And they put a fucking light on my head that just burns my scales! Stupid mortals. Liam hissed at the lights on top of him.

I feel pity for you.

The snake glared at the god. Ha ha. Really charming Hermes, but going to serious shit, could you transform me back into a human form?

Tsk, tsk, you didn't learn about your sister? I did the same to her and she got killed. Hermes pointed out.

Actually she transformed into a snake again and then a peasant woman killed her. You know the whole superstitious shit. Liam said in a matter-of-fact tone.

Hermes shrugged, Bad luck huh? But why should I transform you? I mean at least Lamia gave me back the nymph I was following.

The serpent slide off the branch and landed slowly to the ground, Yeah well in this era nymphs are no longer existent, just women with incredibly big breasts and pathetic lips. Why don't you transform me and it's settled.

Hermes shook his head, I don't give anything without receiving something back, I am using my powers and it's tiring.

You asshole! You're a fucking god it's not tiring! Liam felt anger flowing through his long body, he was incredibly pissed by this all-mighty attitude. He glared and felt poison building inside his fangs. He hit his head against the glass, and repeated the action causing various kids to look at the 'crazy snake'.

Hey, hey stop doing that you are catching attention.

So do it! Liam snapped, he opened his mouth letting the poison drip slowly feeling relieved. He settled down and sighed defeated Ok I'll give you something back, whatever.

I'll think about what you owe me. But I'm transforming you till night time, too much people and you couldn't possibly escape.

The snake felt utterly offended, You think I can't?

Hermes shrugged, Well Lamia could only make things invisible I don't think that'll help you much.

I'm the opposite, I can make things visible.


Just look messenger of the gods. Liam stood straight and made opened his crest, making a magnificent view of the upside-down heart at the back of his head.

"Hey Danny, come and look at this one!" A boy stared at the snake before his friend caught up, sticking his head against the glass.

"He's much cooler than the other ones!" Liam showed off his scales Of course I am, but now help me. Danny stared at the yellow eyes and suddenly felt a pain inside his head.

"Danny? You alright?" The boy began to shake his head and tears streamed out his tightly closed eyes. He screamed and opened his eyes looking at a horrible monster walking towards him. He tried to back away.

Hermes watched the child squirm and tremble, he had a vague idea of what the boy was encountering but it still pained him. The small kid pointed at air before him, and his clouded eyes were wide with fright.

Danny didn't understand why nobody could see the monster he was pointing at, and when the monster jumped at him he pushed his body backwards with such a force the crystal box broke.

Panic broke in the reptiles' section. Liam laughed in triumph and slide carefully through the sharp pieces of glass. He moved quickly and decided to wait for the god in a fissure of the wall.

Hermes ran outside with kids flowing around him, Liam where the hell are you?

I'm here. He turned and saw two yellow eyes looking at him from a hole in a wall.

Ok you proved your point, now don't you ever try that on me or I'll kill you.

I'll keep that in mind Hermes, now do it.

We need a secure place…Follow me. Hermes walked catching Liam with the corner of his eye between bushes and shadows.

Thy walked outside the zoo and into a big zone of trees and grass, This is your secure place?

It's a park, nobody cares what happens here. Hermes turned to look at Liam and began to whisper incoherent Greek words. His hands began to glow with a greenish aura and so did the snake.

Liam felt the changes inside him but it was too quick for him to get them into place, he didn't like the feeling, something inside was being torn apart. He wanted to scream but when he opened his eyes he was already standing on two legs. He looked at his body, and so did Hermes.

"You're actually good looking."

Liam shot his head up right and glared at Hermes, "Are you finished?" The god nodded, "Then why do I still have spots and lines on my body?"

Hermes shrugged, "Lets say I wanted to give you a wild touch."

"Not funny…"

"Hey come on I haven't used real powers in literally ages! I could have left the fangs and the tail" Liam growled, but Hermes still stared at his creation. 'Not bad, not bad Hermes'. He looks about eighteen, nice black hair with natural red highlights and spots following main bodylines. And not to forget the shape of a spade on his back. Not bad not bad.' He thought to himself.

Liam extended and arm and plain black clothes appeared before him, he grabbed them and pulled them on.

"What was that?" Hermes pointed at the clothes.

"Magic? Duh."

"Then why didn't you use that to get out or convert yourself into human shape?

Liam sighed, "Do snake have arms or fingers? No. The only thing I had was my eyes."

"Right, that's how you made kid go crazy?"

"Bingo." Liam lowered himself and touched the ground, a wave moved around them and exploded.

Hermes felt the earth shake for a while and cured himself for transforming a monster, "Now what?"

"Geeze, you're supposed to be a god…" Liam stood up and smirked at Hermes, "I'm calling my friends to see if someone's alive."


So, what's on your mind? Did you like it?

Hermes- messenger of the gods, he's the god of thieves and commerce.

Blonde hair and green eyes.

Power of speed and general god powers.

Liam- snake demon or spirit (?) more to know later.

Black hair and yellow slit eyes.

Power of creating illusions and appearing stuff.