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Chapter 7

Ares walked into the shop, it has a small door, which hid it very well from the common eye. The warlord rung a small bell and waited to be attended. He looked around watching different animals and special food for pets as well as toys and other things.

A small old man pushed open a door cleaning his hands, "Sorry, sorry how can i-" he took a look at the wine coloured hair and his smile disappeared. "Help you…"

"Dolus, my man." Ares grinned widely.

Dolus swallowed, "Ares" he backed off slightly thinking about all the possible routes of escape, "I swear whatever you've heard it's not true." He took a step back but stopped midway feeling heat behind him. Ares had flickered his fingers making a small wall of fire burn, still with the grin on his face.

"Now, now Dolus, I've come here to make you a trade."


"I can forget all the lies and stealing you've done for the last… ten years? Yes, if you would give me a human pet."

"That's allot for a human pet." Dolus said with a small voice. He didn't want Ares to get angry, that guy could get all maniac and kill without reason. And the old man wasn't really immortal, he was just a mortal that didn't age.

"I don't want any kind of pet, I want something special. It's for my Hades."

"Oh." The trader scratched his arm in nervousness, that wouldn't be easy, Hades didn't like common things.

"Yes, oh." Ares lifted a little frog from one of the nearby tanks, "And I'm feeling very grateful at the moment, you know?" The little frog began to transform into some horrible little demon with small fangs.

"O-of course I do, you're always generous." Dolus laughed nervously.

"We understand each other. Now I'll come back in two hours, maybe three and I want that thing here. Make him presentable."

Dolus nodded, "He'll be perfect."

"You better be right." Ares placed the little demon into the tank and walked away. Dolus watched in horror as the modified animal began to destroy al his other relatives with rage. That was a clear warning.

Cain couldn't sleep right away that night. After that brief kiss, Liam had left him on the couch wanting more. He had to go to teh bathroom to take care of his buissness under his pants. The thoughts of getting to know more gods made him more than happy, and he couldn't believe this was true. He would be finally able to understand everything better. Although he couldn't ask them directly, Anicetus had warned him, that some gods or demi-gods wouldn't be too happy that a mortal knew their identity.

The next few days Cain was busy finishing his coursework and stayed mostly at university to avoid any distractions. He had found it amazing how Liam would sometimes make things move towards him if he was lazy, or appear certain stuff if needed. But gradually he became used to the immortal's use of powers. He still didn't know what Liam was. He wasn't a god, that was clear but then what? He had used the word demon to refer himself as such…but was he really a demon?

Liam in the mean time was shopping with Hades and Ares.

"I have no idea why I agreed to do this." Liam sighed as he tried his sixth suit.

Ares laughed from a chair nearby while Hades pouted, "Oh shut it, you can't go with rags to the most important social activity in this life time."

Ares was having the time of his life. When still young he and Liam would always work together in the wars. Liam glared at the strong god, "I want to see you up here."

"I've heard you have a human pet." Ares took a sip of his tea.

Liam shook his head, "He's not my pet."

"Prey?" the snake demon smirked, yes prey was a good description. The night before he had finally tasted the soft lips of his Cain. The boy was now his.


"I have now one too." Hades grinned proudly.


Ares sighed, "He made me buy him a human pet."

Liam became a bit pale, "Dead right?"

Hades shook his head, "Bones and flesh."

"Hades, I don't know that much about this century, but isn't that illegal?"

"Ares did it." The young looking god pointed at Ares.

Liam narrowed his eyes, "That doesn't make it legal…"

"Dolus to be exact" Ares added.

"That guy hasn't been killed yet?" Liam laughed, "He's got a debt to pay me, the bastard…" he remembered when Dolus tricked him to buy a very expensive poison to become human again, and obviously didn't work.

"You'll see him tonight."


"My pet, stupid." Hermes finished with the tie knot of Liam, "I'm going to go and get him after this shopping session." He backed away and both gods took a look at the demon.

"Don't you look sexy?" Ares smirked.

Liam watched his reflection, he had a dark grey suit with a fashionable cut and a dry red shirt under. This made his eyes more intense and the combination suited his hair too. "I would have to agree."

Hades clapped his hands and turned to the larger god with an evil smirk, "Now Ares babe, your clothes are disgusting."

"Dolus works here?" The small blue haired gold asked in disgust as he entered the small pet shop, "geez, not even the underworld is so filthy." The place was in the same state as Ares had seen it, although there was a new cage covered with a cloth.

Dolus entered with a hurry "Master Ares, you are back on time."

"Hey Dolus!" Hades smiled.

The old man was going to greet him back but he saw Ares' fingers making small flames, "Lord Hades."

Hades was amused, and his smile grew wider, "Some people still have respect for me."

"Sure they do." Ares grinned putting an arm round the other's thin shoulders.

"Show us what you got."

"Well I found this little boy" Dolus revealed the cage under the cloth, "he's one of the many kids of the youngest Lycanthrope alive."

Inside the cage sat a boy, his skin was pale and so was his hair, white and grey. His eyes were the clearest blue.

Hades stared and blinked, "He's white…."

Dolus stared to sweat, "If he's not what you are searching my Lord, I can find-"

"He's so cute!" the old man jumped as Hades screamed and lowered himself to be at eye level with the Lycanthrope.

"I-is he?" Dolus asked swallowing hard.

Hades moved his hand between the bars, "Now don't be scared…" the boy backed off in fright and anger. As the hand with black painted nails came closer he growled and transformed into a wolf snarling his fangs.

Hades retreated his hand in excitement, "Did you see that!?" he pulled Ares towards the cage, "I want this one!"

"Yes yes, let go of my shirt." Hades complied still entranced with the young white wolf, "Why don't you choose some stuff for the shop for him."

Hades jumped like a small kid and ran through the shop grabbing all the things that he liked without caring if they were useful or not.

"Here." He placed an array of collars, pillows toys and other thing on the counter. He fumbled with his pockets to find his money but Dolus stopped him feeling heat under his feet.

"Oh don't worry Lord Hades, you can take it all for free."

"Dolus you are so generous."

"Everything for my lord."

Hades turned to the small wolf with a huge grin, "Come on wolfy, I'm going to show you your new home."

Dolus: male personification of trickery and deceit.

Lycanthrope: Men who could assume the shape of wolves.