Burnt not only once but TWICE (This my first finished story, is dedicated to the person who is one day going to be my publisher: Whitney Keeter! My biggest supporter!)

I knew he was a bad boy the first time I saw him. He was the kind of boy you

wouldn't want to take home to mom. And his name was Aaron Cutter, and I loathed him.

The Cutters were one of the most prominent families in Galveston, but lucky for me so was mine. Our parents had tried to get us together since we were 14, but neither of us could stand each other. But of course every few months either my parents or his would decide it was time to try and get us together again. And so when they tried this, it meant that the fellow rich families living in Galveston would have to pleaser of receiving an invitation to a party.

Then of course at these parties Aaron and I were meant to dance together all night to make our parents happy. And as you can expect this did make our parents happy, but didn't do a thing for either of us.

Today my mother decided I would need a gown for this prestigious event. She said, "Angel darling, I want you to look your best for this evening." But I knew that she only wanted me to look my best for Aaron Cutter. I don't know why our parents do this, Aaron and myself don't even like each other, as a matter-of-fact we can't stand each other. But as I always did, I went along with my mother that day, and tried on what seemed like a million gowns. Then finally my mother saw one on me she thought was perfect. So to make her happy that's the dress I got. As we were leaving the shop, Aaron Cutter was walking in.

"Good morning Mrs. Scott." Aaron said.

"Nice to see you Aaron dear."

"You as well Mrs. Scott. Angel you're looking lovely this morning, not that you don't always." He said this with a look of satisfaction. Satisfaction that he knew he'd just pissed me off. But of course my mother was there so I had to be nice. "Thank you Aaron, you look alright too."

"Angel." he said with a smirk on his face.

"Yes Aaron?"

"I was wondering, if you'd do me the pleaser of accompanying me at the party with me tonight?"

"Well Aaron, I don't….OUCH!" My mother had just elbowed me in the ribs. Meaning she wanted me to say yes, so I just went along with it. I'd do anything to make my mother happy. "Aaron I guess I'd love to."

"Wonderful, I'll see you when I get there. It was great to see you Mrs. Scott."

"You to Aaron dear. See you tonight." As we got in our BMW to leave, I was regretting telling him that I would be his date. I remember thinking, my mother better get me a really good birthday present for this.

If you're wanting the story on why I don't like Aaron very much, you're going to be waiting awhile. I have never really known. I have always thought he was a cocky son-of-a-bitch. And he has always called me a stuck-up prude. But those days I think we were drawn to each other. I got week in the knees when I saw him now. But he still pissed me off. Everything he did pissed me off. I hated everything he did, and the way he did it. But I think he fed off of me hating him, and I think I fed off of it too.

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