Summary: Like most teenagers, Tenille Like most teenage girls, Tenille has an angsty existence. Like many teenagers in general, she opens her thoughts to internet readers. Unlike most teenagers, Tenille is in over her head in guilt in frustration over her parents newest edition, the feud with her best friend, and the snippy, if not insightful, comments from her livejournal readers.

Can be funny, can be sappy, but at least it's complete.

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Dear LiveJournal... February 10th, 2002

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Dear LiveJournal,

I have no idea what to say in this thing...I've never kept a journal before, much less posted one online for any random stranger to read. How do I know that some psycho won't take an interest in me and leave me creepy love messages in my Comments? Well, that's assuming that anything I have to say in this journal could be found interesting enough to a psycho...

I signed up for this thing because my friend Becca recommended it. She told me that venting to strangers was a great stress reliever because strangers have an "outside point of view" and tend to judge less. Great therapy, she says. Cheaper than a shrink (I'll give her that one, but I still think I NEED a shrink some days...).

Anyway, the basics:

Name: Tenille Myrtle Wouldn't-You-Like-To-Know

Age: 16 (in a few days, at least)

Hobbies: writing, painting, cartoons, complaining, field hockey, chocolate, etc.

Favorite Food: Chicken

Favorite Book: Catcher in the Rye, Turn of the Screw (insanity is fun)

Favorite Movie: umm...Forest Gump?

Favorite Color: Green (blue is so overrated)

Favorite Cartoon: Batman, Ronin Warriors

Best Friend: Becca

Best Trait: patience

Worst Trait: mother says my fashion sense, but I say it's my hair (I hate the color brown, ick)

Sexual Preference: Now THAT would attract the psycho's...

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