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User: 10ille387 (3618047)


Name: Tenille

Website: http: www. geocities mnmminions/

Location: :-P , Kansas , United States

Birthdate: 1987 - 02 - 14

E-mail: 10ille387(a)yahoo. com

Bio:Not that I'm posting here anymore, but here's the skinny on my life right now:

I have a long-term boyfriend, Chris, who lives in NY. I'll be moving up there for college this coming fall so we'll be together more often – hopefully often enough to talk about marriage and kids . In the meantime, I'm a senior in the local high school and hope to one day be an early childhood educator.

I have a two-year-old sister, Cadience (Caddie for short), and over-the-hill parents that insisted upon having her at a late age. Ha ha! I'll miss them all when I move away, though...

Interests: writing , painting , cartoons , Batman , drawing , Ronin Warriors , Anubis/Cye ,

Animaniacs , Fruits Basket , Mabudachi Trio , Yuki , reading , field hockey , InuYasha , Miroku/Kagome , Sesshoumaru/Kaogome , InuYasha/Kouga , InuTaisho , comics , manga , anime , yaoi , alternate pairings , Rurouni Kenshin , Battosai/Megumi , Sanosuke/Kaoru , Sanosuke/Saito , YuYuHakusho , Kurama/Kagome , Hiei/Boton , Ranma ½ , Ryouga/Female Ranma , P-Chan , X-Men , Wolverine/Rogue , Scott/Rogue , Nightcrawler/Storm , etc.

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Date Created: 2002 - 02 - 10

Date Updated:2004 - 01 - 15

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Posted: 16-Received: 24

Authors Note: Okay, NOW it's over...this counts as the epilogue, giving a quick update of Tenille two years later. Many thanks to those who have read/are reading this story; feel free to "Post a New Comment" in the review box below.