Note: Not a suicide poem, but not a beautiful poem either. I'm going through serious depression...

They say to take life as it comes.
They say to me,
Day in and day out,
To not cry
when they encourage my fears.
They say they understand,
They say they can help,
They say they can set me free.
I am alone,
I am afraid,
I can no longer run away.

I've given up hiding.
I've given up running.
I've given up not facing it,
for now I stand right in front of it.
There are no arms around me,
No hands pulling me away,
Nobody here but me.
I am alone...
and I am afraid.

For laziness,
I can credit it.
If I was not lazy,
I could not be writing this.
I would be fighting my fear,
I would be killing my paranoia,
I would be running away as fast as I can.
But really,
Can I survive all alone?
Look at how I've ended up like that,
Look at how I've fallen apart over time.
It's like I'm rusting,
Like I'm a rejected and old metal toy.

You can always sit there,
Always sit there and wish.
Wish you had a hand there,
wish you didn't have to fall like this...
If I was to die,
I'd want to die the old fashioned way.

If only I wasn't so scared,
maybe I'd open myself up.
Stop saying it's all from paranoia,
Stop saying it's all from this fear of mine,
Stop saying it's all just from a childhood fear.
It's becauseā€¦
I'm fragile,
Emotionally weak,
And I'm falling.
Under pressure like this,
I cannot survive alone.