Where is the rationality and compassion
In the anticipated division of countries and peoples?
In a bomb that is dropped and a soldier that is shot?
And in the cry of a deported family that is ignored?
Well, the good of all people is not for the good of our people
(Will we ever be one people?)

I have traveled to France
I could not see the beauty of the Eiffel Tower
I have traveled to Syria
I could not see the beauty of The Hanging Gardens
I could not share in the pride of
Miss Teen Vietnam for her country

And I hear that children can become oxen
As easily as they can become shields from
The desperate shots of those tyrannized all their lives
And desperation can become murder as quickly
As the souls of the killed can rise up still in their wedding gowns
Without any invitation to eternal peace

And an innocent human is dead from starvation
Dead from the untreated complications of a mosquito bite
Dead from the conception of her own child
Dead from the flight to her New York City vacation
Dead from the presentation of her face to her country
It is expected