dear dad,

if you are reading this you got my first letter that i left on your bed. well i wrote this letter to tell you if you are readin this letter that i am gone. i have left to go stay with a person i met on the internet. they said they would take care of me and give me everything i wanted. so i went. i know it was wrong but i'm gone anyways. you will not find me. no matter what you do. i have not left even one clue. don't bother to look through my stuff or on the desktop. i erased everything so you would not find me.i am long gone don't you see, i left yesterday, that's how blind you are towards i said. if you are reading this, i'm probably dead.

this is dedicated to all the people who have gone missing because of the internet. for those of you who aren't missing, be safe listen to your parents and don't talk to strangers on the net.