writing notes

kaline: i'm bored out of my mind!

kristi:yeh me too!

kaline: wat did you have for din din?

kristi: pizza u?

kaline: tv dinner

kristi: kool did you do your homework for math? i did

kaline:no i was too busy watching lord of the rings

kaline: orlando is so hot!

kristi: and viggo mortinsen!

kaline: yeah.!

kristi: i watched pirates of the carribeanlast week

kaline: oh! kool! the 2nd one is comin out injuly 2006 wit orlando bloom!

kristi: i know! OMG

kristi and the 3rd one in 2007!

kaline yeah!

kristi: oh the teacher keepd giving me these signs saying if we don't stop passing notes we'll get detention

kaline: okay so i'll talk to you on IM after school?

kristi okay see you next hour!

kaline: kay! bye!

kristi: bye!

next there conversation on IM coming soon!