kaline : xcocoa11 kristi : bluedrop123091

bluedrop123091: back

xcocoa11: Okay

xcocoa11: cool

bluedrop123091: i accadentaly erased the website

bluedrop123091: noooooo

xcocoa11: what?

bluedrop123091: hold on

bluedrop123091: nvm

bluedrop123091: i got it back

xcocoa11: ok

xcocoa11: lol

bluedrop123091: read this!

xcocoa11: brb

bluedrop123091: dear dad,

if you are reading this you got my first letter that i left on your bed. well i wrote this letter to tell you if you are readin this letter that i am gone. i have left to go stay with a person i met on the internet. they said they would take care of me and give me everything i wanted. so i went. i know it was wrong but i'm gone anyways. you will not find me. no matter what you do. i have not left even one clue. don't bother to look through my stuff or on the desktop. i erased everything so you would not find me.i am long gone don't you see, i left yesterday, that's how blind you are towards i said. if you are reading this, i'm probably dead.

this is dedicated to all the people who have gone missing because of the internet. for those of you who aren't missing, be safe

xcocoa11: yeah

bluedrop123091: okay

bluedrop123091: it 's not true

bluedrop123091: okay?

xcocoa11: ok back

bluedrop123091: yayayayaayy!

xcocoa11: :D

bluedrop123091: doesn'y that look prety!

xcocoa11: what?

bluedrop123091: my fontish thing

xcocoa11: ohhh

xcocoa11: yeah


This user has blocked you.

xcocoa11: Mwahaha your blocked

xcocoa11: brb

xcocoa11: you know i didnt really block yuo

xcocoa11: i thought you were un-trickable

xcocoa11: you

bluedrop123091: how did oyu do that!
xcocoa11: i just wrote that...lol

xcocoa11: i changed my font and underlined it

xcocoa11: hahahaha now we're even from that time you pretended to be your sister. :P

bluedrop123091: omg kaline

xcocoa11: what?

bluedrop123091: your a crack butt monkey fart!

xcocoa11: :-P PARTTAY

xcocoa11: PART-TAY

xcocoa11: Woo hoo :-P :-P :-P :-P

bluedrop123091: :P

xcocoa11: :-P

bluedrop123091: (
xcocoa11: italics

xcocoa11: bold

bluedrop123091: -
xcocoa11: underline

xcocoa11: )
bluedrop123091: bla

xcocoa11: OOoh bluey-purple

bluedrop123091: (
bluedrop123091: (
bluedrop123091: (
bluedrop123091: (
bluedrop123091: (
bluedrop123091: (
bluedrop123091: (
bluedrop123091: (
bluedrop123091: (
bluedrop123091: (
bluedrop123091: (
bluedrop123091: (
bluedrop123091: (
xcocoa11: :-SS

xcocoa11: #-o

xcocoa11: D

xcocoa11: :O

xcocoa11: )
xcocoa11: :-B

xcocoa11: O)

xcocoa11: (

xcocoa11: :D

xcocoa11: (

bluedrop123091: (

xcocoa11: are you still there even?

bluedrop123091: (
bluedrop123091: (
bluedrop123091: (
bluedrop123091: :
bluedrop123091: :
bluedrop123091: (
bluedrop123091: (
bluedrop123091: )
bluedrop123091: i mean (

xcocoa11: Hee hee

bluedrop123091: blah

xcocoa11: whatcha doing?

bluedrop123091: (

xcocoa11: crying?

bluedrop123091: yes(

bluedrop123091: jk

bluedrop123091: checkin my mail

xcocoa11: oh, okay

bluedrop123091: okay

bluedrop123091: me done

bluedrop123091: did you talk to melany?
xcocoa11: yeah

bluedrop123091: me too

bluedrop123091: are you still talkin to her?
xcocoa11: no

bluedrop123091: neither am i

xcocoa11: oh

bluedrop123091: -

xcocoa11: ok.


bluedrop123091: - bluedrop123091 has blocked you -

xcocoa11: (

xcocoa11: Heh thats not even what it does when people get blocked

bluedrop123091: i know

xcocoa11: I can get a smaller font then you

bluedrop123091: -the ring girl grabs you from out of the tv-

xcocoa11: Ahhh the ring girl! -screams like a girl-

bluedrop123091: no you can't

xcocoa11: Yes. i can

xcocoa11: darn its not smaller

bluedrop123091: naun

xcocoa11: ahh mine is too lught!

xcocoa11: light

bluedrop123091: no it not

bluedrop123091: you can't read mines!

xcocoa11: Yeah i can

bluedrop123091: nooo1!

xcocoa11: Heh.

bluedrop123091: now you can't

xcocoa11: Okay I like this font. Its so cute how small it is.

xcocoa11: Yes, i can .

xcocoa11: Mwahha.

bluedrop123091: you meany

xcocoa11: Hahahah

bluedrop123091: mines is cuter than yours

xcocoa11: Mine is orange

bluedrop123091: now you can't!

xcocoa11: Orangey-porangey-poo

xcocoa11: Yeah i can.

bluedrop123091: so is mine!

bluedrop123091: so is mine!

xcocoa11: Yay. Let's clap for orange: D

bluedrop123091: no orange is iky!

xcocoa11: No its orange.

bluedrop123091: wat?
xcocoa11: Orange isn't icky, it's orange

xcocoa11: Stupid computer is being slow.

bluedrop123091: lets clap for blue and purple! D

xcocoa11: Heh. It's an evil computer

xcocoa11: Okay -claps- D

xcocoa11: Now mine is red/orange.

bluedrop123091: mine better

xcocoa11: Like fire.

xcocoa11: Burn font, burn.

bluedrop123091: lol

bluedrop123091: light or dark better?
xcocoa11: I dunno. Dark.

bluedrop123091: rtrtf ngfhfvb ccd srf

xcocoa11: Back to you. :P Jk

bluedrop123091: b gg jm fbv,h ngjgb g jbhvhvh vhg g j,h vghjf gjh

bluedrop123091: lol

xcocoa11: How many pickles did you eat today?

bluedrop123091: none

xcocoa11: NONE!

bluedrop123091: i ate peanut butter

xcocoa11: Me too!

bluedrop123091: really i did

xcocoa11: On a sandwhich.

bluedrop123091: in cereal

bluedrop123091: i had peanut butter crunch

xcocoa11: Yum!

bluedrop123091: when i poured it it had a BUG peice of peanut butter in it

bluedrop123091: BIG

xcocoa11: Bug?

xcocoa11: Lol, okay.

bluedrop123091: but i didn't eat it

xcocoa11: Yeah, I wouldn't eat a bug either.

bluedrop123091: it lookeded icky

xcocoa11: JK

bluedrop123091: lol!
bluedrop123091: not!

bluedrop123091: jk

xcocoa11: Heh.

xcocoa11: So what're you doing?

bluedrop123091: are you your mom again?

xcocoa11: am I my mom?

bluedrop123091: on my site!1

bluedrop123091: in the guest book!

xcocoa11: no.

xcocoa11: melany probably

bluedrop123091: yes you are!

bluedrop123091: i knoW!

bluedrop123091: :P

xcocoa11: uh..no.

bluedrop123091: :-w

bluedrop123091: yes you are!

xcocoa11: askmelany if she is.

bluedrop123091: you are!

xcocoa11: no im not!

bluedrop123091: i know!

xcocoa11: i put ellie

bluedrop123091: but you your mom tooo!

xcocoa11: no im not!

bluedrop123091: it's you!

bluedrop123091: i know it is!11

bluedrop123091: how dare you!

bluedrop123091: jk

xcocoa11: no its not.

bluedrop123091: i know it's not you

bluedrop123091: it probably ismelany

xcocoa11: yeah.

bluedrop123091: lol

bluedrop123091: :D

xcocoa11: Milkshakes, sherbet, popcicles, ice cream...it's all the same to me. It's all P

bluedrop123091: lol

xcocoa11: True. It is.

bluedrop123091: nachosnachosnachosP-):D

bluedrop123091: :-P

bluedrop123091: :x

bluedrop123091: -

xcocoa11: Oh yeah, nachos rock!

xcocoa11: :D

bluedrop123091: and you know this! mannn!

bluedrop123091: .::nachos::.

xcocoa11: ::ICE CREAM::

bluedrop123091: .::icecream;

xcocoa11: ICECREAM my anti-drug

bluedrop123091: lol

bluedrop123091: )

bluedrop123091:KALINE anti drug abuser

xcocoa11: NACHOS Kristi's anti-drug.

xcocoa11:KRISTI someone i dont understand sometimes.

xcocoa11: DRUGS my anti-drug.

xcocoa11: jk. Heh.

bluedrop123091: kaline

xcocoa11: Yep.

xcocoa11: Agreed.

bluedrop123091: L;LOLO

bluedrop123091: LOL

bluedrop123091: AGREEDED



bluedrop123091: then it's settled

bluedrop123091: that kaline is crazy!

bluedrop123091: LOCK UR UP!

xcocoa11: JKOSHPfguioawenhf; -runs- NOOO!


xcocoa11: -screams- No! Don't take meeeeeee! -struggles-

bluedrop123091: FALLS

bluedrop123091: INTO THE OCEAN

bluedrop123091: DIES

bluedrop123091: FISH EAT YOU

xcocoa11: hjsdklfhsdjfhsdjkf


xcocoa11: -dies too-


bluedrop123091: IS THAT YOUR CAT ON YOU PIC?

xcocoa11: Yeppers.

bluedrop123091: OR NIZZO?

xcocoa11: It's MICKEY!

bluedrop123091: IT ISSZZZERS!

xcocoa11: Yeah, I have more too.

bluedrop123091: MICKERS!

bluedrop123091: REALLIZZERS?

xcocoa11: Theres another but it looks basically the same.

xcocoa11: Yeah, why? Is he really ugly or something?

bluedrop123091: COOLIZZERS!

xcocoa11: Yuppzy!

bluedrop123091: NOIZZERS!

xcocoa11: Hes nicer than Punkin...my other kitty-poo

xcocoa11: - Shes the mean one.

bluedrop123091: OHHHEY!

bluedrop123091: REALIZZERS?

bluedrop123091: AWWWEY!

bluedrop123091: TO BADDZERS!

xcocoa11: Hee heeeeeeeeeee shes bite-full

xcocoa11: but shes still fattly cute.

bluedrop123091: BADDY CATZER!

bluedrop123091: FATTER CATTERS!

bluedrop123091: MATTER THE MOSTERSEYS!

bluedrop123091: NOTTERS!

xcocoa11: Huh?

xcocoa11: Lol

bluedrop123091: I SAID

bluedrop123091: FAT CATS MATTER THE MOST.. NOT!

xcocoa11: Hee ehe

bluedrop123091: JK

bluedrop123091: POOFFEISY!

bluedrop123091: CATTERRATTERS!

bluedrop123091: BLACKER

bluedrop123091: THANER

xcocoa11: monkey!

xcocoa11: :) )


bluedrop123091: KNOW WAT I SAID!

xcocoa11: fatter catter watty satter?


xcocoa11: Whoa. Okay. Lol yeah

bluedrop123091: SAY THAT 5 TIMES FAST

xcocoa11: Mickeeeyyyy is niceeeyyy and heesss cooool

xcocoa11: ok...-says it-

bluedrop123091: HARD ISN'TIT!

xcocoa11: Have you ever been arrested?

bluedrop123091: NO

bluedrop123091: u?

xcocoa11: YOU HAVENT?

xcocoa11: no.

bluedrop123091: no

xcocoa11: lol

bluedrop123091: ookay? ?

bluedrop123091: /

bluedrop123091: 8

bluedrop123091: 8

xcocoa11: -arrests you- NOW YOU HAVE!

bluedrop123091: L)



xcocoa11: Mwahah. )

xcocoa11: I will one day rule the world with my hand-cuff abilities!

bluedrop123091: WAT DID I SAY?

bluedrop123091: UP THERE

xcocoa11: I dont want to tbe aristd wahers

xcocoa11: ?

xcocoa11: Lol I dunno.

bluedrop123091: I DON'T WANT TO DIE! WAHHHHHH!

bluedrop123091: SEE WATCH

xcocoa11: Oh. bluedrop123091: I DUN WANNA DISIERS WAHHHERS!


xcocoa11: Shut a monkey in the closet and leave it there for 5 hours. See if you feel like saying that then!

the end! did u like it! by the way my web site is plz! R and R! oh and xcocoa's is