Dead and the Living

The Keeper's Tale

I got a reivew saying that Dead and the Living is similar to Buffy the Vampire Slayer...which it is. So, if you like Buffy...I think you might like this.

Chapter 1

"Ahh! Not good enough!" Sarah yelled as she threw a steak in the zombie's heart.

"Good Sarah. Now just give me that on your next mission and you'll do fine!" The lights turned back on and the computerized image of a zombie disapeered in the training center.

"Listen Joe, steaks go into vampires...but they don't go into zombies!" Sarah placed her beautiful blonde hair behind her back and waited for an answer.

"But Sarah, until we get the Zombie Carve you'll have to deal with the steaks. Besides, with the way the streets are these days you don't know if you'll have a vampire and a zombie attack you at the same time." Joe said. Joe was the leader of an organization called DOLD, Destruction Of Living Dead.

"I understand Joe...but that's just like saying to take out a steak when you see one of the Spice Girls walking down a street. I mean, some people are zombies and you don't even notice. The same with vampires. Isn't there any type of invention that you have that can tell a human from a monster?"

"Listen Sarah, you are the worst one I have. Always trying to make my life more miserable with harder questions for me to solve. You can never appreciate anything I do for you. If it weren't for me training you into a monster fighter, you're family could probably be a vampire right now. Do you see Tim, Kasandra, Lang, and Sam acting the way you do?"

"Well Sam's a witch. So I don't see her acting like me in any such way."

"Oh my god Sarah! I try my best to protect the people on earth from these creatures and you-"

"Yes Joe, but we only defend our city."

"We defend our city because this is where the monsters are born! If we can destroy all the monster eggs here than it will be easier to destroy them all around the world!" Joe hollered.

"What's wrong?" Sam, Kasandra, Lang, and Tim ran into the training room.

"Nothing's wrong Sam. Except for one rude trainer!"

"I didn't do anything to you Joe! All I asked was if your crappy HQ would get an invention that actually works!"

"ENOUGH!" Sam hollered. With her thoughts, Sam lifted Sarah into the air. "How dare you speak to Joe in such a way. If the cops found out about this HQ he could be arrested."

"Why would the cops arrest him for fighting against monsters?"

"BECAUSE MOST OF THE COPS ARE THOSE MONSTERS!" Sam's eyes began to glow a reddish type color. "And I see you don't understand. Maybe this will help!" Sam let go of Sarah with her thoughts and Sara fell hard onto the wooden floor under her. Everybody left the room except for Sarah.

Chapter 2

"Look at her? Helpless and alone. She's the DOLD's best fighter. Do you think we should go in?" Belayna asked her partner Seth. Belayna and Seth were both vampires that were sent out to turn Sarah into a vampire and force her to fight under their power.

"If we don't go in there and get her, Masssster Ssssssoda won't be pleassssssed. We can ssssssneak in by going through thissss window." Seth said. Belayna and Seth were both standing outside in the cold watching Sarah from a window. They opened it very softly and they jumped in. Seth landed on one side, Belayna landed on the other.

"Well if it isn't Seth and Belayna?" Without any hesitation Sarah lunged forward at Belayna knocking her down. She kicked Belayna about three times before she took out her steak.

"NO! YOU MUSSSSSN'T KILL BELAYNA!" Seth came up from behind Sarah and knocked her down on the ground hard. "Now to finisssssh the job!" Seth went close to Sarah's neck and he opened his mouth so his fangs would show.

"Not today honey!" Sarah punched Seth in the stomach and stood up with her steak in hand. She lifted her arm up and she threw the steak right at Seth.

"Noooooo! You hurt Ssssseth!" Seth yelled in pain as the steak struck him right in the heart.

"Good thing Master Soda put that healing potion on you. Seth, report back to HQ, Sarah's mine." Belayna ordered. Seth teleported out of the training room. Belayna smiled at Sarah as she drew a sword.

"Ready?" Belayna lunged at Sarah with the sword but Sarah was way to quick. Sarah ran into the wall and bounced off of it taking Belayna down. The sword fell out of Belayna's hand.

"No!" Belayna reached for the sword but Sarah kept her down on the ground. Kasandra ran into the room.

"HEY KASANDRA! GIVE ME A HAND OVER HERE!" Sarah shouted. Kasandra grabbed Belayna by the hair and gave her a few nasty set of kicks in the face. Belayna had enough and she teleported out of the DOLD Training Center.

"Thanks Kasandra."

"No problem, but please call be Sandra for now on. So, what was that all about?" Sandra asked. Both girls were breathing heavily.

"Seth and Belayna both came and attacked me. I don't know what they wanted with me, but it didn't seem good."

"Why was that?" Sandra asked.

"I threw a steak at Seth's heart, he didn't die. He was hurt, but he didn't disapeer or anything. He had some type of healing potion on Belayna said. And if all vampires have that same potion, we're in more trouble than expected." Sarah got up and walked out of the room with Sandra following her.

Chapter 3

"Quit making up stories Sarah. Why would Seth and Belayna come here without any other vampires or zombies?" Joe asked.

"She's not making up anything! I was there, well...I was there when she was only battling Belayna."

"But Seth was there too! He had a potion on that stopped me from killing him when I threw a steak at his heart. It's no lie, I'm drop dead serious!" Sarah hollered. Sam started to hum to herself and her eyes turned red.

"Soda, master of the vampires and zombies, has just created a new potion called...The Unsteak Healing Salve. It supposed to prevent us from actually killing the vampire or zombie, instead we just hurt them in the battle." Sam's eyes went back to normal.

"Is there another witch that knows about this?"

"Yes. I must go to the Keeper's Tale's Gate. The witch that knows about The Unsteak Healing Salve is Elanor. I will be gone for a few hours." Sam's eyes turned red and she disapeered.

"While Sam is gone, I want all of you to head out to Redwood-Vast Cementary. The news said they saw strange figures running around the cementary. It could be either zombies or vampires. I'm going to stay here and think of an invention that will stop this healing salve from working." Joe said. Sandra, Lang, Sarah, and Tim all left the building and made their way to Redwood-Vast Cementary.

Chapter 4

Dressed in a black robe Sam arrived a The Keeper's Tale's Gate. Her brown hair and with a white streak running down the middle looked very nice with the robe. She opened the gate and walked into the castle of The Keeper's Tale.

"Well if isn't Samania. I thought you didn't nead our help anymore." The witch that stood at the front desk said.

"Listen Bandia, it's Sam. And, I'm here to see Elanor about this unsteak healing salve potion type of thing. Is she here?"

"No, but I know the tale. It only works on a vampires five times. It was created by Tsunamon-" Bandia was cut off by Sam.

"Are you talking about the great master witch, Tsun? I thought Master Soda created it."

"There's something you should know Sam. Tsunamona and Soda are brothers. Soda took credit for the slave and ran away with it to create his own evil clan." Bandia said.

"What? How come no one ever told me about this?" Sam hollered.

"We didn't think you were ready to know the truth."

"Thank you Bandia. Now I have all the information I need." Sam's eyes turned red and then she teleported away.

Chapter 5

"This is creepier than I thought it would be." Lang softly said to himself. He tried to run his hand threw his blonde spiked hair but he was stopped by a loud sound.

"What was that?" Tim shouted. Tim, Lang, Sandra, and Sarah all turned around and saw 4 zombies and 1 vampire infront of them.

"ZOMBIES! Attack!" The vampire yelled. The first zombie went for Tim. The zombie started to yell blood as he grabbed Tim's arm. Tim did a flip and threw the zombie off of him. Lang tossed Tim a steak and Tim stuck it right threw the zombie's stomach. The zombie yelled out in pain as he returned back to his grave.

Two zombies went for Sandra. They both grabbed her and yelled blood. Lang came over with two steaks and tossed one to Sandra. Sandra stabbed one of the zombies and Lang stabbed the other with the steak. The both slapped eachother's hands and sighed. There was one more zombie left. But this zombie was 3 times bigger than the other ones. Sandra, Lang, and Tim all went after this zombie while Sarah went after the vampire.

"What are you doing here? And I know it's not to collect more zombies." Sarah said holding a steak right by the vampire's heart.

"Very good, this is where we find the formula for Soda's salve." The vampire was about to sink his teeth into Sarah, but she fought back and knocked him onto the ground still holding the steak to his heart.

"I could kill you right now-"

"But you won't. I'm Sodadachi's most loyal servant. Quan."

"So that's what his real name is. Sodadachi. Wait? Sodadachi. Isn't he related to Tsunamona? That's the witch Sam told us about." Sarah stuck the stake through Quan's heart. "Apparently he didn't use the healing salve on you...oh well."

"This zombie is too strong and big!" Sandra hollered. Lang and Tim both came running at the zombie striking him in the stomach. They thew 5 steaks at the zombie and that was enough. The zombie walked back to his grave.

Sneak Peaks Of The Next Story

1. Sarah, Sandra, Lang, and Tim return to HQ finding something very strange.

2. Sam returns to earth, but not to HQ.

3. Joe gets the gift he always feared of.

4. The Battle of Salve begins.