Chapter I. The Castle at Colwyn Bay

It was quiet in the castle- that God forsaken castle. I hated it. I hated it all. At only 15, I was married and alone.

I only had my dog, Cherry, and my cat, Tinny. Once, every three days, I had Lena- the maid who cleaned the castle. However, Lena only cleaned the main living compartments, the bathroom, the dining room, the kitchen, and my bedroom.

I had no children, though I longed for them. No, I had no comfort that was afforded to any married woman- children and the company of her husband.

Every day, after bathing, I sat in front of the fire. David- my husband- gave me many things, including Cherry and Tinny, to make me fell better. I would always find these gifts in the mornings either on the dining room table or outside my bedroom door.

Anyway, I was eating my simple dinner that Lena had prepared the night before. The fire was roaring. I had my shawl over my shoulders. Cherry was at my feet and Tinny was in my chair by the fire, sleeping.

I received a sudden idea- I would bring him dinner! Ahh! Wouldn't that be perfect for him? I quickly put some stuff together, took it upstairs, where I put on my hated blue dress and ran to the East wing. I knocked on the door.

"Who is it?" A gruff voice asked.

"It is I, your wife."

"Jane? Jane, is that you?"

"Yes it is; may I come in?"

"Whatever for, my Dear?" He asked.

"I have dinner for you, David."

"I shall come get it myself as I do every night."

"David, I wish to see you."

"Look at the wall. There's a picture of, me-"

"DAVID PLEASE, PLEASE!" I screamed. "I need you. I'm alone!"

"You have a dog-"

"To speak to."


"What about in between?"

"Oh well."

I opened the door. David jumped up.

"WOMAN, GET OUT!" He yelled.

I laid the tray on his little table right beside his chair. The fire was warm in here.

I turned to leave but stopped.

"Why don't you leave? You've given me what you wanted!" He yelled.

I turned back around to look at him. "Do you know of anything?" I yelled at him.

"Don't speak to me that way!" He yelled back.

"I'LL SPEAK TO YOU ANYWAY I WANT TO SPEAK YOU- YOU'VE GIVEN ME NOTHING THAT I WANT! YOU'VE GIVEN ME NOTHING, DAVID! DO YOU KNOW OF ANYTHING? Do you even know what goes on outside this room you've used to block the world off from yourself? How about when I wake up? What do I do everyday? What do I wear?"

"I don't care," he said, turning away and folding his arms.

"No children- no company- no money- Why did you marry me" I asked, opening the door but halted. "I'll answer my questions. I wake up at 5 every morning, bathe, eat, dress. I sit I front of the fire all day long. I wear the same thing- my old, torn brown dress. I never wear any of the clothes or use any of the things you give me. I'M ALL ALONE!" I said and mumbled to myself- "I wouldn't have been alone at home if you hadn't married me. YOU'RE THE CRUELEST MAN I KNOW!" I shrieked, slamming the door and running down the stairs to the dining hall. I fell down on my chair, cry thing. Then, I thrust the silver ware on the floor, creating quite a clatter.

"JANE!" I heard my husband yell from the top of the stairs in a worried manner. I jumped from my seat and thrust myself on the floor and scrambled backwards to the wall near the swinging door at the entrance to the kitchen.

"JANE; JANE!" He cried out, running down the staircase after me. I put my arm over my face, wiping my tears, ran into the kitchen and up the backstairs to my room in the West Wing. I locked my door and tore the blue dress from my body and threw myself upon my bed in my undergarments. Cherry had run up with me, thinking that this was one of our "usual" races, and when I hear footsteps coming towards the bedroom, I pulled the poodle into the changing closet with me. I heard a pounding on the door. I don't remember any more than that because I cried myself to sleep.