he was always just so beautiful. standing under the sunlight like a soldier, staring straight ahead. a little bit disconnected, as if he were staring over her shoulder rather than at her. his hair, like spun gold in his eyes. the deep blue of his eyes, rippled with flecks of different colors, little treasures gleaming agreeably. the lankiness of a young boy transcending into the realm of adulthood was apparent, or maybe, it was just very apparent to her. the healthy glow of his sunkissed cheeks seemed to emanate from him. his eyes were slightly red rimmed, but nobody would be able to notice unless it was directed to their attention. his hands were slack, comforting hands that could crush or cradle so easily, that seemed to understand the seam of something delicate.


glowing like something subhuman. dark hair and dark eyes, light smile and slight build. untouched by the harshity. smiling, always, eyes defying the curve of her mouth treacherously. she was slight, fragile. nothing extraordinary at first glance. you had to look. you had to study. beauty was always in the eye of her beholder.