Poem #2.:

There is a life beyond

Where tears can be never-

Where thoughts of my earthly past

Gone from memory forever.

Place of eternity

Where my life's not so bleak

Disappears my life's horror-

The tortures of my being a freak.

A place of endless peace-

After my tears have dried-

And to be happy is glee

For many a time have I cried.

A place where guilt and shame

Have led me to pure pleasure.

A place where the golden streets

They lead me to my Lord so dear.

As I leave hellish earth,

I shall soar in the sky.

I shall fly with my white wings

To that place that is up so high.

This is the life beyond.

Where death cannot prevail.

Where I can worship my Lord

Who died and tore the temple veil.


Briette Julienne Laures