Shadows flutter across your fiery eyes

Painting a portrait of pain

Light catches on your sparkling cheeks

Dampened from your tears

Silence crawls through the dusk

Across the horizon


Loneliness lingers in the darkness

Prepared to strike

The world plots against you

At every move

With every breath

The pain won't stop

The tears will fall

The love will end

No matter how deep

Friends will leave



Unpredictable it seems

This place we reside

Between all of these things

Is there really room for happiness?

And if there is

You have to ask yourself

Was it really worth it?

Did it feel as good as you thought it would?

Are you as happy as you wished you would be?

Is your life how its meant to turn out?

What's the point in avoiding the inevitable?

Why take life easy when difficult is more fun

When evil is more amusing

When everything is exactly what you thought it would never turn out to be

Why try to correct things that aren't meant to be

When maybe wrong…is more right than we thought all along

What do you do when the principles of wrong and right are flipped?

And mixed together

What if there were no consequences?

Everything was up to you

Self decision


Would you be happy?

To get what you want…

Would that make all these feelings worthwhile?

Is it worth believing in something that will never come true?

No matter how hard you pray or wish

You will never get

And you know it

But you will always secretly want it


Is that what makes this all worthwhile?

The hope for what's right

The hope for good friends

The hope to have fun

The hope to stay safe…

But then again is it hope that holds us together?

Or faith in our hope


In something

Whether God

Or friends

Or yourself

Faith in anything at all

Is that what makes everything shine in the aspect it does?

We'll never know